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The Queen walks away from the Memorial Parade - and must now vacate the throne to Charles

The Queen walks away from the Memorial Parade – and must now vacate the throne to Charles

On the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the throne Queen Elizabeth II (96) Trooping the Color will be held in London again this year. Usually, this move is approved by the queen herself. Queen Elizabeth hasn’t missed any of these traditional parades – until now.

For health reasons — “occasional mobility issues,” according to the official statement — she cannot attend the four-day anniversary staging event in person. Instead, they represent their son Prince Charles (73), Anne’s daughter (71) and grandchildren Prince William (39). Prince Charles, Britain’s next king, is likely to get a lot of attention.

Prince Charles seems more flexible and closer to people than the Queen

This isn’t the first time Charles has served as his mother on formal occasions. At the opening of the British Parliament this year, he accomplished the task of supporting the state in the inaugural address as an experiment. In late May, heir to the throne Charles attended the pigeon’s medal ceremony in his mother’s place – another traditional event that Charles shared with the Duchess. Camila (74) Complete with confidence at his side.

Charles has also shown himself to be a potential king at social events such as the Prince Trust Awards, which were televised for the first time, or the traditional garden party at Buckingham Palace. He knows how to treat celebrities and citizens in a charming and relaxed manner. Charles seems warmer and less stiff than the Queen, and he manages to appear more realistic with little jokes and nods.

In addition, Charles – despite his advanced age – represents the UK’s most modern and deals extensively with important contemporary issues such as climate change, sustainability and the protection of our planet. “He has a chance to become a king who can rally people behind important issues at the time. I think he will put that power to good use,” said Royals expert and author Tina Brown, now at Stern.

Queen Elizabeth will not be the first monarch to step down

Looks like a nice handover has started. If people, politicians, and high society see Charles more and more, Queen Elizabeth is increasingly withdrawing. However, the King appears to be ashamed of the final step towards the well-deserved retirement. However, her son is experienced enough – and waited 70 years – to become king.

Queen Elizabeth would not be alone among the powerful in Europe if she voluntarily relinquished her position and appointed her son to succeed him. King Juan Carlos I (84) of Spain and Queen Beatrix (84) of the Netherlands voluntarily handed over their office to the next generation. Even Pope Benedict XVI. (95) He retired voluntarily and now comfortably wanders through the Vatican Gardens with his walk. It is better for a sick queen to free up her place for Charles and thus hand the scepter with dignity to the next generation.

The British people support Charles as King

Charles will have enough popular support as king. The British polling institute Redfield & Wilton Strategies has decided that 43 per cent of Britons will fully support Prince Charles as the new king. Only 25 per cent want Prince William to succeed the Queen. If Queen Elizabeth ends her reign in a self-declared manner and finally leaves the throne to Prince Charles, he will not only have enough experience as king, but also the people who stand by him.