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Jane Fonda, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Gray regret facelifts

More and more stars like Courteney Cox are regretting their plastic surgery

“Oh my God, that doesn’t sound right.”

Many Hollywood stars go under the knife to realize their youthful dreams. Talking about it for a long time was considered a taboo – which is now being broken more and more. Jane Fonda is causing quite a stir right now with her honesty.

If you ask Hollywood stars about their beauty secrets, you usually hear: plenty of sleep, water, and a healthy diet. Plastic surgery is done, but talking about it has long been considered a taboo. But now there is a trend towards openness. Two-time (84) Academy Award winner Jane Fonda warns against abstaining from facial surgery. “I had plastic surgery and stopped doing it because I don’t want to look disfigured,” the “Grace & Frankie” star said in a new interview with American “Vogue” and confirms: “I’m not proud that I have one. Don’t keep doing it, You may become addicted to it.”

The 80s fitness icon has always been open about what she wants to improve through surgery. She said in an interview 22 years ago that she wanted to stop doing it, but she relapsed. “I swore I wouldn’t do it. I did,” she said at the time. Today it is clear to her that she will no longer lie under the knife. Health is more important to her today than vanity.