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Victoria Beckham fears losing her son Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham fears losing her son Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz lost contact. Now the former Spice Girl is terrified of an affair with her son, Brooklyn.


The basics in brief

  • There was a radio silence between Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz.
  • The designer and her daughter-in-law are said to have fallen out.
  • Now Victoria is worried about her relationship with her son Brooklyn.

Nothing with peace, joy and pancakes! In Beckham’s home, it’s been said to have cracked a lot lately. brawlers? Victoria Beckham (48) and her wife Nicholas Peltz (27)!

“They hate each other and don’t talk to each other,” an insider recently told Page Six. It is not clear why the two women are arguing exactly. Until recently, the two seemed to understand each other perfectly.

Both are claimed to have “different views”. And now Victoria is scared about relationship To her son Brooklyn (23). Like everyone Mother “She is worried about losing him,” an anonymous source told a mirror.

Do you have a good relationship with your husband’s family?

already in wedding should hardening of the fronts It has been. So Spice Girl and her husband sat down David Beckham (47) Not at the table with the bride and groom.

A recent Brooklyn video posted by Nicola also caused some questions. Because in it, a descendant of Beckham talks about his new “beautiful family”. For “luxury” maybe a slap in the face.

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