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Queen Elizabeth II: Great Mourning in the Palace

Queen Elizabeth II: Great Mourning in the Palace

Queen Elizabeth II: ‘All her life’

friend of hers Mrs. Mira Butter passed away A few days ago in the era of pride 97 years. A descendant of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia “security” He died in London, as reported by the “Daily Mail”.

She was considered one Close to the QueenThe two of them knew each otherin childhood. She is said to have been one of the children recruited by the palace to play with the young Elizabeth II. The two girls went swimming together and participated in activities organized by Girl Guides, the British Scouts organization for women and girls.

Their camaraderie united the women in old age, so if anyone knew the guardian, it must have been her friend, Mrs. Mira Pater. He said this about the Queen that she “all her life” a “Very good sense of humor” He had.

In all their years together, Lady Myra Butter not only got to know the queen very well, but also got to know her closest circle. She was also a good friend of the late Prince Philip. When the Queen’s husband passed away last year, she was able to support her old friend, but now she is too No more support. We wish the Queen’s family and Mrs. Mira Pater much strength during this difficult time.

used source: daily Mail