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It was hard for her at first in court

It was hard for her at first in court

Every tough start: Kate Middleton struggled with arrogant taunts when she started out at the royal court.

The basics in brief

  • Because of her origins, Duchess Kate hasn’t had an easy time getting her start in the mansion.
  • Her mother, Carol Middleton, has also been described as “bourgeois.”

It seems that Meghan Markle (40) It is not an easy start in the royal court. But she didn’t just have to fight: Sister-in-law Kate Middleton, 39, was not welcomed with open arms either.

Reason for the initial fight: Keats Carole Middleton mumbled (66). Already when Kate and Prince William (38) They broke up briefly in 2007, and the entrepreneur was poorly spoken to. Williams’ friends allegedly mocked Carol for her previous job as a flight attendant.

Even the courtiers did not consider Kate worthy because of her origins. Carroll is “incredibly bourgeois” and not eloquent enough. The use of the words “toilet” and “pardon” was not appropriate in court.

Do you use the word “toilet” in the royal palace?

Make these “arrogant mockers” Today’s Duchess Deeply painful. She is said to have felt “isolated” in the palace. It was Kate Middleton worryNever to be properly accepted into the upper classes. Solid as a rock: Your lover, William.

Since their first meeting, The dazzling heir to the throne with my mother Understand Middleton. He is said to have enjoyed this “normal life” with Middleton, as the Mirror knows. Prince William He always defended his loved ones and relatives.

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