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Meghan Markle faces lawsuit if she exposes royal racists

Meghan Markle faces lawsuit if she exposes royal racists

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not given a name regarding the allegations of racism. The two still face legal consequences.

The basics in brief

  • If Meghan names names in the racism controversy, a lawsuit may await her.
  • The Sussex couple could already face legal consequences.

Perhaps the worst accusation against the royal family: Meghan Markle (40) and Prince Harry (36) threw Royals She suggests racism in her interview with Oprah. It is said that the prominent member is according to the color of the skin before birth archery (2) inquired. Sussex hide the name From the corresponding family member so far – and maybe it’s better this way!

If the couple spit out the supposed royal racist’s name, it could be uncomfortable for them both. Because that could have legal consequences for the royal family’s dropouts. British lawyer Mark Stephens is quite confident of this, he revealed to The Mirror.

The Sussex family may face “defamation and invasion of privacy”. In the end, it will also depend on “context”: “Was it racist or was it just an investigation?”

Meghan Markle: Litigation with members of the royal family

In addition, it is important to know in which context the question of skin color fell. After all, a “private conversation between two people” is not intended for the general public.

Either way: Even if Harry and Meghan don’t name any, there’s a legal risk. With their mark they can “discredit a group” – in this case The entire royal family.

Should the royal family file lawsuits against Meghan and Harry?

But the question now is: will the British royal family be willing to offer one Legal action against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry To provide? According to Mark Stevens, they have to do it Royals “They took action against her at some point.”

Stephens is no stranger to the royal family: in 1992 he defended the alleged Princess Diana (36) The James Hewitt case (63) Alleging rumors.

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