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The world is back!  And Basel in the middle

The world is back! And Basel in the middle

It’s been 200 years since the storm hit Earth – and large parts of humanity have been wiped out. What if such a scenario actually happened? Basel director Tim Feilbaum addresses this question in his film Tides.

Fehlbaum: “Business Should Be Unique”

A few survivors managed to save themselves with spaceships on the planet Kepler 209. However, it soon becomes clear that the atmosphere there is making people sterile. “We planned another job first. The focus was on a mission to another planet, Feilbaum explains. However, life on another planet is extremely unlikely, because the Earth with its conditions is unique. That’s why we came up with the idea to include the aspect of sterility in the film. This makes the plot more realistic.”

To ensure their survival, an astronaut crew is sent to Earth. Many other films are about how people leave Earth. “We wanted to tell the story in reverse,” says Feilbaum. However, the return to Earth is not going as planned. A race against time begins for the astronauts.

The exhibition building becomes a space station

Much of the recordings were made in the Wadden Sea in the North Sea. However, the aquatic scenes in the movies are expensive, Fellbaum noted on the second day of shooting. “The Wadden Sea is inundated twice a day. So the filming facilities on the site have to be constantly dismantled and rebuilt,” explains Fehlbaum. In order not to break the budget, Fehlmann decided to shoot some scenes in his hometown.

It soon became clear: the exhibition building would be the scene of many movie scenes. «When I was waiting for the tram at the exhibition center, the exhibition building caught my eye. I was fascinated by this architecture,” says Feilbaum. Together with the film Basel crew, the exhibition building became a space station from which a rocket was launched.

“Tides” premiered on August 26 and can now be seen in Swiss cinemas.

The Messe Basel Dome became a space station in the movie “Tides”. (Photo: Telebasel)