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'Geissen' Mama Carmen 'barely recognizable' - fans freaked out!

‘Geissen’ Mama Carmen ‘barely recognizable’ – fans freaked out!

“Geissens” star Carmen Ges loves to show what she has on social media. The millionaire’s wife is now exposed to a true storm of nonsense for a selfie.

The basics in brief

  • Self-made millionaire Carmen Jess is used to bad comments.
  • The reality star is under attack for a seemingly harmless photo on Instagram.

Carmen, the mother of “Geissens”, celebrated her 56th birthday this year. date of Birth. Fits her two teenage daughters Millionaire’s wife in matters Instagram and associates in any way.

The Robert Jess’ wife (57) The well-being of her life and always showing herself at her best. Blondes are known to like to use a filter or another filter for this. But now it’s taking a massive storm for exactly that.

In the post, Carmen raves about a restaurant on the Spanish island of Ibiza: “It’s very nice here, how do you like the ambiance?”

But your followers only have eyes The 56-year-old Himself. “Barely recognizable,” writes one follower. Another asks: “This is bad, how can you mutilate yourself in this way?” And a third blasphemes: “Oh, Carmen, plastic surgery is enough.”

The Jessens star certainly didn’t expect much hate…

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