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Love Island 2021: Live in Love with Andrina Santoro and Martin

Love Island 2021: Live in Love with Andrina Santoro and Martin

Your love did not stand up to reality! It all ended between former bachelor Andrina Santoro (28) and her sweetheart “Love Island” Martin (30). Immediately after filming ended, she was excited: “At first I looked him in the eye and immediately noticed that there was more. We have a lot in common and we can talk openly and honestly with each other. With him I can laugh as well as talk seriously. He fits right in on so many levels.”

But after about three weeks everything looks different. Andrina announces the end of love on Instagram. Brief statement on Martin and I: We will no longer get to know each other on a relationship level. The two were still fine, and she wished him all the best.

Shortly thereafter, he also speaks German. And make it public: Andrina Santoro rejects it. Martin writes: “I experienced what ‘Love Island’ is all about: I met a person whose feelings I grew up with and made me happy. I wanted to get to know Andrina more abroad. However, I must accept and respect her – even if it was difficult for me.”

Andrina Bay “Love Island”: “We need alone time – without cameras”(00:50)

Andrina Santoro wants peace and quiet

The reason for the ending has been covered by itself: “I ask for your understanding. I still have to deal with all the events of the past few weeks myself.” Even when Blick asked her, the former bachelorette didn’t want to comment any further.

Getting to know each other after the shooting ended was very difficult for them: while Andrina lives in Zurich, the muscular guy lives in Gutersloh (de). For his 30th birthday, I traveled to Germany specifically to celebrate with other Love Island candidates.

Andrina Bay “Love Island”: “We need alone time – without cameras”(00:50)

Even if she was “single” it didn’t work out

Andrina Santoro became famous through her participation in the 2019 season of ‘The Bachelors’. About a year after filming ended, she broke up with season winner Kenny Lyman (25 years old). Today, she is earning her life as an online fitness trainer and is back in the office. (Billion dollar)

Tele Zappin pricks his ears: Andrina is too mysterious after the date(03:15)