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Fantastischen Vier has to cancel their concert due to the fall of Smudo


Andreas Reck, Thomas De, Smodo and Michy Beck (left) known as Die Fantastischen Vier had to cancel a concert in Bonn.

Shock for the Magnificent Four! The band held a concert for about two hours in Bonn on Friday. As Bild reported, the performance in front of 14,000 spectators during the show had to be called off because Smudo (54) fell poorly on the jump. According to the German newspaper, he remained still on the stage.

His bandmates would have taken care of him right away. Smodo talked about pain in his knee. “It wasn’t a stunt, it’s real,” explained Thomas Dee, 53. Then the band announced the cancellation of the concert and requested positive energy from Smudo. He was taken to the ambulance on a stretcher and then taken to hospital.