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Marilyn Manson: This is how he looks without makeup

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This is what Marilyn Manson looks like without makeup

This isn’t how you get to know Marilyn Manson: Paparazzi has photographed the shocking rocker without his eye-catching makeup.


Marilyn Manson was photographed in Hollywood with his wife Lindsay Osich.

He is known for his striking appearance, but new photos show Marilyn Manson (53) from a completely new side – that is, without the well-known makeup around his eyes. Paparazzi photographed him with his wife Lindsay Osich (37) on the streets of Hollywood. While he usually stands out from the crowd with his grim look, he doesn’t really stand out at all this evening.

Allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson

Upon spotting the paparazzi, the musician immediately put on sunglasses. Because: He currently wants to avoid headlines. Because recently, several serious allegations against him have become public. Among other things, actresses Esmé Bianco (40) and Evan Rachel Wood (34) accuse him of abuse.