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Fans are worried after the RTL couple’s relationship update

Fans are worried after the RTL couple’s relationship update

Antje and Arne found each other through “Bauer sucht Frau”.Photo: Instagram/antje_bauer_sucht_frau2022


Jana Aizerbek

They are one of the dream couples of the 18th season of “Bauer sucht Frau”: Antje and Bauer Arne. Things quickly clicked between them in 2022 and the love story continued at the same pace. After a short while, they both decided to move in together. So she moved in with Arne on the farm with all her belongings, and has worked in the family cheese dairy ever since. But what about the relationship between the two now?

Antje and Arne keep their followers updated on their life together on Instagram. In addition to the hard daily life on the farm, there is not always a lot of time for teamwork. Even on weekends, they always have a lot to do, for example, go to the stores where they supply dairy products and cheese. Will the love between them withstand this daily grind?

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The couple “Farmer Seeking a Wife” offers an honest thought

In a Q&A session on Instagram, the two gave a public update. One fan wanted to know how their relationship is going. Instead of romanticizing their love, Antje offers an honest vision. “He said earlier: ‘Very good. As in every relationship. Things are going well,'” she explained. Like everyone else, there are always points that annoy each other. Why does he leave clothes lying around? Why do you take so long in the bathroom? “Yes, we are doing very well,” she summed up with a smile.

In line with this, another follower wanted to know what happens next for them. Here, too, they both had a dry answer ready: “Always keep going,” Arnie said. Antje went into more detail and revealed: “Yes, over and over again – with ups and downs. With joys and tears,” she herself was excited. She explained that they complement each other very well. They are both dreamers and go well together because they never smile at each other, even if their daydreams are particularly big and seem far-fetched. Therefore, she is very much looking to the future.

Fans are concerned about Antje and Arne’s relationship

Antje and Arne’s reaction to the question about the relationship immediately caused great concern among fans. She spoke again a little later and has already received several messages about it. That’s why she felt compelled to clarify something again: “You’re really worried and telling me it’s bad that the relationship is already so pale.”

But Arnie and she couldn’t help but smile at the news. She feels completely different. “There’s actually nothing to say. We get along well and that’s the most important thing,” she explained. It may seem like they’ve been together for 30 years, but that’s cool, you think.

Fans will be able to get more information about the couple’s life in December at the annual “Bauer sucht Frau” Christmas special, they also announced.