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Candidate 'Farmer Looking for a Wife' Complains Against Nevinka Waiting Lady

Candidate ‘Farmer Looking for a Wife’ Complains Against Nevinka Waiting Lady

This farmer did not find his wife! At “Bauer sucht Frau International” there was a bad problem on TV yesterday. The reason for this is winemaker Ivica (60), who is already looking for a partner who will move to his farm in Croatia. But after a barbecue evening, in which he wanted to charm Nevenka, the 57-year-old waitress, he stood there alone.

Even when it was time to cheer, the couple got into a quarrel. Ivica used a lot of fuel for Nvinka, who also has Croatian roots. “That’s too much. It just tastes like a rake,” she slammed. For a hobby farmer, this criticism was too much. Annoyed, he turned away from the grill and said to Nevinka: “Then please, show me! When you know everything better.” When I complied with his request, it only angered him. But when I asked if he was “stinky” now, he just grumbled to himself an annoyed. “Women are sometimes hard to understand,” he complained to the camera.