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An Ice Cold account with Patricia Blanco on TV

An Ice Cold account with Patricia Blanco on TV

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from: Elena Rothammer

After his separation from Patricia Blanco, Andreas Ellermann now dedicates his time to the Abdelfarag Club. On the other hand, neither Ellermann nor Naddel have anything positive to say about Roberto Blanco’s daughter and even on TV.

Hamburg – Despite the engagement, the relationship between Patricia Blanco (52) and Andreas Ellermann (58) broke up after about four years. It is said that the reason for this is her jealousy of Nadia Abdel-Farag (58). After all, the businessman is currently trying to help Naddel, getting her an apartment and a job. With his ex, on the other hand, the millionaire still has a score to settle.

Nadel supports her patron: “I will fight for Andreas, I will fight for Madame.”

While Patricia Blanco explodes in Reeperbahn, Andreas Ellermann continues to explode. The reason: the former camper in the forest is said to have occupied her villa and is asking for money, though he is said to have already made a generous contract. The existing agreement will not be shaken. I am absolutely under no obligation to pay Patricia anything. I do all of this voluntarily so that she may have a fresh start. I can’t understand that I’m so disappointed now.”

With Naddel by his side, Andreas Ellermann now wants to unpack his bag on TV. On June 9 at 5 p.m., the two will be guests on the SAT.1 show “Volles Haus” and plan a public settlement with Patricia Blanco. Nadel wants to fully support her sponsor. “It won’t help! I’m going to fight for Andreas,” he confronted Madame. “He’s suffering so much,” said Nadel. She’s already had to deal with some breakups herself and can give me good advice.

to get to know? In the past, a bartender would wear a wig on stage

A lot happened with Nadia Abdel Faraj, not only in her life, but also visually. Nadel used to wear a wig to cover her curly hair when she appeared in public. Eight years ago, she showed herself for the first time without a hair clipper, and since then she has been “topless” more and more often. In several interviews, she described it as a “liberation blow”.

Nadel and Andreas Ellermann want to “uncover the truth”

In an Instagram video, Nadia Abdelfarag and Andreas Ellermann reported from Cologne before filming. In it, a very cheerful bartender. “I’m already looking forward to tomorrow, because some things will turn out there. I’m looking forward to the time when we both finally start and finally unearth the facts, ”says ex Dieter Bohlen (69).

Meanwhile, Nadel and Ellerman show themselves to be a team again. However, this was not always the case. Even though Ellermann got her a job, Naddel left him twice and didn’t show up — for which she apologized in a video message. Sources used: Instagram / nadjaabdelfarrag_official