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After midnight, the Schlager star suddenly performed in the Oktoberfest tent

After midnight, the Schlager star suddenly performed in the Oktoberfest tent

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This is the true love of Oktoberfest and music! The pop star took to the stage at the Oktoberfest tent well after midnight – and “really spontaneously”.

MUNICH – Oktoberfest was born in the cradle of Patrick Lindner: Today’s Schlager star was born on September 27, 1960 in Munich, around the time of Oktoberfest. Even now, decades later, visiting Theresienwiese – along with TSV 1860 Munich – remains one of his great passions. So much so that he celebrates his birthday there.

Schlager star Patrick Lindner appears at Oktoberfest on two consecutive evenings – once completely spontaneously

On Wednesday, September 27, he invited friends and acquaintances to the wine tent and capped off his special celebration by taking the stage there himself (as mentioned) and singing for the entire tent. AMAZING: The next day, Patrick Lindner returned to Oktoberfest – and performed again! But this time, at a late hour, for only one song, and completely spontaneously.

Patrick Lindner sang on his birthday Wednesday at the Wine Tent (photo). One night later, he performed again in an infidel tent (see video above) © Agency People Image/Manuel Tilgner

Just one song: Patrick Lindner with a fun show in the Kaffir tent at Oktoberfest

Patrick Lindner was traveling with a group, including his friend, the photographer Wolfgang Breitenischer. He told They first went to the stables, then went to a kafir tent to have a drink. “Patrick knew the band and suddenly he sang.” It was twelve or one-thirty and ‘really spontaneous’. For one song only: Patrick Lindner and the band performed Udo Jürgens’ “Greek Wine.”

Breiteneicher filmed part of the show (see video above). The clip documents 63-year-old Patrick Lindner’s love of music. How else can you explain why he would spontaneously grab the microphone in the middle of the night? The pop star also shared the video via his Instagram story, so it looks like he enjoyed it. This isn’t the first surprise appearance by a pop star at Oktoberfest 2023: Andreas Gabalier performed at the Schottenhamel tent on day one, and two legends took the honors with Regine Sext. An insurance company brought a pop singer from Majorca to Oktoberfest. (flexible)