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Will Stefan Mross return with “Crazy for the Sea”?

Will Stefan Mross return with “Crazy for the Sea”?

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Stefan Mros and Eva Loginger are currently vacationing on board MS Artania – a ship that was also featured in the ARD documentary series “Verkehrt nach Meer”. Will the pop star make another guest appearance?

HAMBURG – Cruises are not without controversy, but they are still very popular – even on television: on ZDF, Florian Silbereisen (42) not only sails as the captain of the fictional “dream ship”, but ship journeys across the distance are also featured. Prominently the first in the cycle. From 2010 to 2022, it aired the holiday documentary series “Crazy for the Sea,” which also featured pop star Stefan Mros (47) as a guest in 2019.

Stefan Mross poses with the ‘Crazy for the Sea’ star – and promotes TV’s comeback

However, in the meantime, ARD canceled Crazy for the Sea, after 500 episodes, 12 years and 24,520 minutes of airtime. However, MS Amera and MS Artania continue to transport cruise lovers across the seas. “Always on Sundays” presenter Stefan Mros also appreciates the service provided on board: at the end of September, the trumpeter reported several times via Instagram from the high seas, where he was enjoying beautiful hours with his new love Eva Luginger (35 years old).

The two pop stars appear to be participating in the trip on behalf of a charity that supports children in developing countries. Stefan Mros already sailed across the ocean in 2019, but at that time alongside his wife Anna Karina Wojciak (30), with whom he appears in front of the camera in five episodes of the series “Crazy for the Sea” (342-346). The pop star has now posted several photos with Morten Hansen, the captain of the MS Artania known from the ARD series.

The 47-year-old named the series with the hashtag “#verrücknachmeer” – a circumstance that poses a mystery: the documentary series has been officially shut down in 2022. Is Stefan Mros hinting at a television return for the show? And this is not entirely unlikely: loyal viewers of the show were so disappointed at the time that “Crazy for the Sea” was quietly removed from the TV show. Recently, a pop music fan caused an even bigger stir when he snatched the microphone from the hand of Helene Fischer (39) at her concert in Munich. Sources used:,