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What message does Nemo's music video “The Code” have at ESC 2024?  -children

What message does Nemo's music video “The Code” have at ESC 2024? -children


A journey full of ups and downs, a journey into self – Nemo decodes self-discovery in the music video. SRF music editor Gini Mühlhaus reveals the hidden messages in the music video.

Pop, rap and opera – these three genres unite the song “The Code”, which Nemo performs for Switzerland at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. “Not only does this song suit everyone, it sticks,” says Jenny Mulhouse, SRF's music editor.

This song doesn't just sit, it sticks.

She took a closer look at the music video and revealed some interesting secrets behind it in order to decipher Nemo's “code”.

ESC 2024 on SRF

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SRF is showing the semi-finals and final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 live. on News application You can also watch the semi-finals with Nemo and the final Entertaining neighborhood bar a path.

  • Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 9:00 PM, SRF 2: First semi-final live from Malmö, Sweden
  • Thursday, May 9, 20249:00 p.m., SRF 2 and in the news app: Second semi-final with Switzerland live from Malmö, Sweden
  • Saturday, May 11, 2024, 9:00pm, on SRF 1 and in the news app: The final is live from Malmö, Sweden. We are already voting for you 8:15 pm With “ESC – Countdown” program.

“The Code” focuses on the journey to one’s true self, with all its ups and downs. The official music video is shown in several moving train cars. The following key moments are hidden in it:

  • If you look closely, you can see where the journey is going in the first few seconds: The route from Zurich to Malmö, the venue for this year's ESC conference, is shown on the map on the train.
  • Nemo checks passengers' tickets in an elegant outfit. Anyone who pays special attention will recognize something special. Nemo checks the ticket of the person who has the same painted nails. Cue Nemo holding the ticket to the destination (aka the path to happiness) in his hands?!
  • However, at that moment the entire train begins to shake, the lights dim, and panic spreads. Nemo changes his appearance every second, running from one train car to another looking confused and helpless. Musical styles change: from pop to rap to opera… Nemo seems stuck in an endless loop – in constant motion, but the goal seems out of reach.
  • At one point, Nemo, exhausted, sits on a seat on the train and softly sings to himself: “Somewhere between the O's and the Ones. This is where I found my kingdom. My heart beats like a drum.” At that moment Nemo realizes there is still a ticket! Nemo takes this out of his pocket and notices how the ticket turns into a mirror… The Mirror Ticket is the token that everyone holds as the key to themselves.
  • Nemo jumps, changes outfits with confidence, laughs happily, radiates pure freedom and appears to be filled with happiness. The code has been broken! Nemo makes a decision to swim against the tide of society, to live all the diversity within himself, and to come out as non-binary.

What does “non-binary” mean?

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The word “binary” comes from Latin And I mean That there are two of something. With regard to gender, this means: a man and a woman.

People who do not feel they belong to these two categories are Non-binaryi.e. “non-binary”.

Gender identity is not about what your body looks like or who you love, it is about knowing which gender you feel you belong to.

It all started in the canton of Ticino

The first Eurovision Song Contest was held in 68 years “Eurovision Concours de la Chanson” It took place in Lugano. Singer Liss Asia competed for Switzerland with the song “Refrain” and won. To this day, the competition continues to delight music lovers from all over Europe every year. Ireland and Sweden He had a lot to look forward to – the States won the title seven times.

Some of them apply to all participating countries to organize: Songs must not exceed 3 minutes in length and the main songs must be performed live – including the difficult Nemo opera parts, of course. If Nemo gets the most points, Switzerland will be allowed to do so next year Air hostess From competition.

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