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Next photo error: Magazine showing Kate's painting on the cover – the Brits are furious

Next photo error: Magazine showing Kate's painting on the cover – the Brits are furious

Royal fans have slammed a recent photo of Princess Kate, which “doesn't look like her at all” and is “completely bizarre”. The photo adorns the cover of Tatler magazine and is intended to depict Kate's “strength and dignity.”

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  • A new photo of Princess Kate on the cover of Tatler magazine has sparked controversy because, according to fans, it “doesn't look like her at all” and is “completely alien”.
  • Artist Hannah Ozor wanted to portray Kate's “strength and dignity” at the King's first state banquet in South Africa, but received criticism on social media.
  • Many fans commented negatively on the painting, questioning its similarity and artistic quality.

A controversial painting of the Princess of Wales has caused a stir after appearing on the cover of Tatler magazine.

from Hannah Ozor The image created aims to capture the “strength and dignity” of Kate at the King's first state banquet in South Africa in 2022.

The goal was to recreate an elegant vision of Kate in a floor-length, royal white evening gown with sparkling embellishments and a cape. The princess admired her famous tiara, which was previously worn by Princess Diana.

Ozor was also inspired by the calm and courage the mother-of-three showed in her emotional video about her cancer diagnosis in March — here's what English writes “sun”.

“I hope you don't sell any of these bad copies.”

“The moment you face a difficult situation, speak from your heart and have the courage to face it head on,” the painter explained in awe.

But the British-Zambian artist was criticized on social media over the photo. Fans asked: “Are you serious?” Or “this is weird, it doesn't look like her at all,” one person wrote on Instagram, among other things.

Another person asked: “What did they do to her face?” A third agreed: “She doesn't look like Catherine at all. If she wasn't wearing that dress I'd have no idea who she is.”

“What is this terrible painting?” Hopefully you won't sell any of these poor copies, it must be a joke! Do you call this art? How the hell did I go from looking like Kate to this disgusting thing?” another complained.

Artist Hannah Ozor used this photo of Kate as a model for her portrait.


Once again, such a royal campaign backfires. The British population had already expressed their support when the portrait of King Charles III was unveiled. Make fun of the artwork.

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