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The role of GZSZ Zoe has a big secret

The role of GZSZ Zoe has a big secret

What secret does your character have?

“Zoe brings new information home that will shock everyone! She wants to do everything in her power to keep this news a secret from Yvonne and John. But why? Does she still have feelings for John or has she put it all behind her?

What is Zoe and John's relationship like?

“The relationship between Zoe and John has become more tense than ever. Of course, Zoe knows exactly what she did and why John doesn't trust her. She still does her best to keep calm and collected. But John keeps pestering her until her fuse blows, too. There are always arguments While Zoe tries to spend her time at home, John takes every opportunity to take her down until she makes a real swing and John, against all odds, runs into the street, putting all three of their lives in danger.

What did you think when you learned the story?

“When I read the story, I thought: Zoe has to go through a lot, and is always alone. I think it's nice that a different side of her is shown. Not only is she the cold ex-agent, but she's also worried about how everything is going to go on emotionally for her. I think it's crazy How she can handle it: She no longer has a home, no real identity, and no friends. She's so strong how she does it all on her own.

What can you say about what will happen next?

“I can definitely say that Zoe is having a really hard time right now. She's very stressed out and doesn't know how to move on with her life. With or without John?”

What do you want for your role?

“I would at least like Zoe to have a loving caregiver. Someone she can trust. That's very important and I think it would be really helpful for her.”

Can you imagine the relationship with John for your role?

“I think a relationship with John would definitely be very difficult for Zoe because of her past. Basically, I can imagine that the relationship would be good for Zoe. Although it will definitely take a lot of work and patience for her to really open up and have someone trust her. But I think that if He was the right person, it wouldn't be difficult anymore Certainly not Zoe either Is it supposed to be John I think the two have a very difficult history with each other, which makes it very difficult for them to open up and, above all, trust. (Please)