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US Vice President promotes economic plan against Govt-19 – Brenza Latin

On the other hand, First Lady Jill Biden will travel to Burlington, New Jersey for the same purpose, according to a schedule that includes visits to the states of Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Georgia.

Help is called here, and this trip is aimed at helping Americans understand how a plan to recover the economy can improve their lives, regardless of ideological preferences.

The idea for this tour arose from the lessons learned during the administration of Barack Obama (2009-2017), who did not do enough to encourage and explain his own results to the public, as Biden acknowledged, the former Second Command.

Four days ago, after long days of debate and voting in the House of Representatives and Senate, with total opposition from Republican lawmakers, the Democratic president signed a $ 1.9 trillion economic plan.

As it was then revealed, this is a historic law destined to ‘rebuild the backbone of this country’ that has been hit hardest by the global health crisis.

Hill Publishing, which specializes in congressional issues, recently said that the Biden administration would rush to implement many of the package’s rules.

The law includes funding for 4,400 direct payments to eligible Americans, vaccinations and school reopening funds, and an expansion of child tax credit.

It seeks to provide support for small businesses and assistance to state and local governments.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told ABC’s this week’s program yesterday that there was enough support for the package to alleviate suffering and help the economy recover faster.

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