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The stars warn ardent fans of dire consequences

The stars warn ardent fans of dire consequences

The Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” has become a surprise hit.Image: Netflix

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“Baby Reindeer” is at the top of Netflix's global charts, reviews are overwhelming, and the series is likely to be nominated for an important TV Emmy. “Baby Reindeer” is getting a lot of attention right now, perhaps a lot more than planned.

Because the massive response the stalker story elicits now has direct real-world consequences.

The Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” deals with a real-life stalker case

“Baby Reindeer” is based on the true story of Richard Gadd, who starred in and wrote the film. In the series, he calls himself Donnie Dunn and describes his relationship with a woman who stalked him for years. The story later flows with another episode from Gadd's life: the aspiring comedian was raped several times by an influential TV writer.

All of this happened more or less as described in the series. This means: the people who commit the crimes in the series actually exist. The result: a massive online digital stalking began in search of a real-life role model for the stalker and rapist.

Richard Gadd as Donnie in Baby Reindeer.

Image: Netflix

Police intervene due to fan speculation

On Monday, author Richard Judd posted a plea to eager viewers on his Instagram Story, including: Hollywood Reporter mentioned:

“Hello everyone. People I love, work with and admire (including Sean Foley) have been unfairly caught in the bullpen. That's not the point of our series.”

The statement was clearly intended to depict the landslide that began long ago, as it became clear on Tuesday. Sean Foley as Richard Gadd is a theater director and comedian who has also worked in television. In terms of age and professional status, he resembles the serial rapist character – which was his downfall.

At X, Foley shared Richard Gadd's call and wrote in another post:

“The police have been informed and are investigating all defamatory, insulting and threatening posts against me.”

But in the posts under the post there are still comments like: “They should investigate you, man.” Online crowd intelligence can be powerful, but in this case it's based on mere speculation. They are out of control.

As the lead actress in “Baby Reindeer” warns.

Fans also “searched” online for real-life stalker model Martha Scott, played by Jessica Gunning. Fans claim they recognized her when the real Richard Judd appeared through her laugh.

Actress Jessica Gunning made the announcement on Wednesday interviewIn which she describes the speculation as “very sad.” It gives more emphasis to serious calls for more reason:

“If you like the series, you should stick to the story of Martha and Donnie […] And do not attempt to carry out any detective work and discover any real identities.

Looking for similarities in biographies, visual similarities, or the like comes under no circumstances. In an interview with “GQ» Gad explained that he concealed the identity of Martha's true model to the point that she was completely unrecognizable: “We put a lot of effort into hiding her so she wouldn't be more likely to recognize herself.”

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