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Bolivia will present four processes against ez and the cabinet – Escompre

He used his right to remain silent while making statements on crimes such as terrorism, treason and conspiracy, and investigated the plot against the constitutional leader Evo Morales in 2019 (Photo: API)

The Bolivian government will today file four lawsuits against former coup leader Jeanine ez and his cabinet in a case pending since December 2020.

The definition has already been taken and the reasons will be revealed this Monday and we will announce them in due course, Justice and Institutional Transparency Minister Ivan Lima stressed, in an interview on the state channel Bolivia TV.

The words of the authority of the current Bolivian administration came just hours after a judge imposed a four-month remand on the real former president and his former leaders Alvaro Combra (Justice) and Rodrigo Guzman (Energy).

In connection with this case, there are arrest warrants against the last two out of the country, Jerco Nice (President), Arturo Murillo (Government) and Luis Fernando Lopez (Defense).

According to Lima, the process of accountability trials will be presented in the city of Sucre, where the branch of the judiciary is located, and in criminal proceedings by the Ministry of Public Works.

The official noted that one of the four cases of murder in the cities of Sahaba (Cochabamba) and Sengkata (La Paz) will be criminally prosecuted on the basis of the progress made in the normal way against actors who do not have a constitutional privilege.

Ez exercised his right to silence while taking statements on crimes such as terrorism, treason and conspiracy, and in 2019 investigated the conspiracy against constitutional leader Evo Morales.

At a previous press conference, Prime Minister Eduardo del Castillo promised that the national executive would not harass anyone politically, but rather seek justice for its sole claim.