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A little boy from England wins

A little boy from England wins

Like a Marvel superhero, 9-year-old Cooper Wallace transforms into a bird himself in a European seagull imitation competition. The Derbyshire boy put his skills on full display at the European Seagull Crying Championships in De Panne, Belgium. He immediately won the championship last Sunday.

In the video you can see the final round of seagull screaming:

Cooper started The Art of Screaming Seagulls after he was bitten by a seagull during a trip to the beach a while ago. “I just wanted to imitate the sound to remind myself that I had been bitten by a seagull. But I love birds!” he told The Times of London. The boy said he had great respect for seagulls, and his imitation was more of a tribute than a mockery.

Cooper's mother said her family found out about the competition in Belgium after a stranger heard Cooper practicing his calls in public and suggested he enter.


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