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Multi-gang geopolitics makes Serbia a global vaccine success | Community

A woman in Belgrade received the synoform vaccine last January.MARCO DIJURIC RE / REUTERS

In Serbia, no one has calculated that any vaccine is available. Its citizens represent what they want to get in digital form. Or they point out that they do not care about any of the things that usually carry their turn in a rapid process of transforming the country Ranked sixth in the world According to the comparison table of our global data led by Israel. In addition, according to this table, it ranks second in Europe with a population of more than 100 vaccinated. 28.8% of Serbs have received at least one dose, which is e.g.It is the fourth most vaccinated state in the last seven days, Far from the attention of the United Kingdom (37.1%, third in the world and first in Europe) By linking the progress of its project with Brexit. 10.9% on average in the EU.

The geopolitical courage of victory is high if you look at the four boxes of Serbian form. They are similar to the vaccine developed by American Pfizer with German bioendech, Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca, Chinese synoform and Russian Sputnik V. That is, a combination of two of the EU-recognized Western drugs and strategic competitors They are not yet approved by the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA).

A diversity that is not accidental or Belgrade loses the opportunity to stand alone. In recognition of this, Ana Brnabic, the head of government trained in the United States, became the first European leader to be vaccinated with the Pfizer-Bioentech drug last December, while Alexander Woolin, the head of the Rusopil in Home Affairs, chose Spotnik V for the health, Sladipor Loncar, the most questioned.

With a population of seven million, Serbia recorded half a million cases and 4,644 deaths. The vaccine was launched last January and the official news is that the campaign has been able to focus entirely on the health dimension. Thanks to the multi-gang foreign policy, it frees him from geo-strategic corsets.. It is a European country Negotiations for entry into the European Union, But one of the few Balkan states outside NATO (the organization that carried out the bombing two decades ago) is an ally of Russia and China (which has invested 4 4 billion there since 2011). Both Kosovo is barred from entering the UN – Former Serbian province that unilaterally declared its independence in 2008 – thanks to its permanent seat on the Security Council.

The paradox is that the political neutrality of the vaccine is precisely very political. President Alexander Vuிக்i has promised that “some vaccines from the East are safer than those from the West” and that he has seen reports from Western intelligence acknowledging that the Chinese are better. “Vusik, [Vladímir] Putin and G. [Jinping] They are defending Serbia ”, the headline of a pro-government newspaper like everyone else in the country.

Starting in May, Synopharm will be the first European country to produce Sputnik V, and a factory to be built jointly by China and the United Arab Emirates starting in October. The president said last Thursday that the drugs would be sold “even for a price” to other countries in the region.

A year ago, when the EU withdrew from its strategy against the plague of non-union Balkans, Vusic called European unity “a fairy tale” that was “only on paper” and the country streets were filled with flags and posters thanking the Sikh. The president has accused developed nations of buying extra doses “like they want to vaccinate all of their dogs and cats” and behaving like rich people in a shipwreck. Titanic, “Making expensive lifeboats when those of us who are not rich, as small as the Western Balkans, sink together.” Today the majority of Serbs believe that Beijing will be the main donor to their country for a long time to come from the European Union. “I know there is a diplomatic war going on in Serbia over vaccines,” admitted Joseph Borel, head of social diplomacy, last February. “It seems we’re not that good at campaigning.”

Donations in the region

This victory has allowed many ambassadors to mark the region in Belgrade. It announced last December that vaccines would be distributed In the north of Kosovo, mostly Serbs, Other parts of the country continued without them, however this was able to retreat due to controversy. It has donated 4,680 units to northern Macedonia, 2,000 to Montenegro and 10,000 to the Bosnian company with a Bosnian and Croatian majority. A quarter of a century after the war. “I am glad we can save lives […] Serbia acts as a friend and neighbor, ”Vusic said at the handover ceremony at Sarajevo Airport on the 2nd. Sebik Zaferovic, one of the members of the Bosnian tripartite presidency who was there, declared: “When their multilateral mechanisms failed, President Vusic sent us an opportunity, and we thank him again for that.”

“Donations to neighboring countries make Wusik’s image a strong regional leader, a huge public relations organ,” says Mazda Rouge, a senior analyst. Thought tank European Council on Foreign Relations. “Regionally, there is a perception that the EU has once again failed in its immediate vicinity. Information that stores 10 million unused vaccines will not help improve this perception.” Seven days after Vusic reached his thirsty newspaper headline in Sarajevo, Bosnian Foreign Minister Fissera Durkovic told a press conference in Berlin Demonstrated with German rival Heiko Mass, a “single” dose of Kovacs – an international means of accessing the vaccine to developing countries – for which its citizens did not get “proper dissatisfaction” even though they had paid 1.2 million doses in advance. Bosnia-Serbia is the only state where the vaccine has been launched. Northern Macedonia has re-established a curfew order with 70% of infections caused by British mutation.

The Miracle However, the Serbian may now be subject to misinformation about the vaccine. There are still millions of citizens who are not registered to be vaccinated, “most do not plan to be vaccinated” and the visibility of conspiracy theories about the epidemic is “surprisingly high,” according to a report. BiEPAG research team formed last December by the European Fund for Balban and the Center for Southern European Studies at the University of Krasse (Austria). Marion Ivanusa, director of the World Health Organization in Serbia, acknowledged the progress of the campaign and the recurrence of infections and the relaxation of compliance with the regulations.