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This is what the “Felicità” star looks like now

This is what the “Felicità” star looks like now

“Felicità” or “Semper Semper” belonged on every good playlist in the 80s. Romina Power played an important role in the success of these songs.

Al Bano and Romina Power were the dream duo of Italian pop music. The two formed a perfect unit musically and privately. After a period of radio silence, the Italian-American appeared again with her husband, who has been divorced for some time. It has a special relationship with Germany.

Because here she has always met many followers. “A lot of fans from Germany still write to me,” Romina Bauer said in an interview with the German news agency some time ago. With hits like “Felicità”, “Semper Semper” and “Sharazan”, the two were an Italian pop duo of dreams. After the divorce and a few years later, they are now performing together again and hope to hold more concerts in Germany.

This is what Romina Power looks like today

Salad has no problems with aging. When she turned 70 two years ago, she said that was just a number. She didn’t throw a big party at that time. What is most important to her is spending time with her loved ones. She has music that “helps you in difficult moments and reminds you of love,” enthuses the artist.

Romina Power has celebrated great successes in her career, but she has also experienced profound falls and tremendous sadness. She was born on October 2, 1951, in Los Angeles to Hollywood star Tyrone Power and his second wife, Linda Christian. Even as a teenager, she appeared in front of the camera as an actress, for example in the film adaptation of a song by Italian singer Albano Carisi.

The two artists fell in love. They married in 1970, after which the son of a winemaker from Puglia and the long-brown-haired Italian-American singer began their successful music careers. Power still wears her hair long today. There are also glasses on her nose. She shows herself happily on her Instagram profile with friends, with her dogs or while traveling. You can see how Romina Power has changed over the years in our photo gallery.

Her daughter disappeared without a trace

But fate was not always kind to her. She had four children with Al Bano. In 1994, the eldest daughter, Yelenia, disappeared without a trace. Al Bano said his girl was dead, and Power didn’t give up hope. The two divorced in 1999. Ylenia was declared dead in 2014. The case is still unsolved and Romina Power does not want to talk about it.

Buddhism, to which she was devoted, helped her even when she was caring for her mother, who had cancer, before she died in 2011. “In Buddhism I found immediate answers to my questions during a difficult period,” Power once said. Your spiritual belief today is: We are eternal beings, and we never die.