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FCB and FCL draw 1-1 – Lenny Mayer scores his first Premier League goal

FCB and FCL draw 1-1 – Lenny Mayer scores his first Premier League goal


Lucerne and Basel drew 1-1 at the start of the relegation group – Lenny Mayer with his first Premier League goal

Third division of points in the fourth head-to-head encounter of the season: FCL and FCB play 1-1.

Basel: FC Lucerne 1:1 (0:0)

FCL starting lineup

Their Champions League encounter with Basel two weeks ago – compared to the home game at the time, there were only minor changes. So Dario Ulrich and Thibault Cledey will take their places on the bench today. Adrian Grbic and Lenny Meyer start from the beginning. Mario Frick is once again counting on seven young talents in the Champions League.

Among those injured are Ismael Bika, Niki Beloko, Sofiane Chader, Ioan Heglin, Diego Heller, Dennis Cemani and Kevin Spadanuda. Noah Robb is suspended.


Minute 46: FCL got off to a great start in the second half of the match. Marwin Hitz blocks a shot from Jakub Kadak – but the follow-up shot is blocked Lenny Meyer He gives the Bayern goalkeeper no chance. So, it's 1-0 in favor of Lucerne and Meyer can celebrate his first goal in the Premier League.

Minute 52: FCL's leadership lasts only a short time. After a brilliant cross from Dominik Schmid, Basel sat down Thirno Barry In a head duel against FCL giant Jesper Löfgren. The ball reaches the net via the lower edge of the crossbar, making the score 1-1.

Lars Villier (left) is delighted with Lenny Mayer about his first Premier League goal.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Basel, 5 May 2024)

Match report

In life, you always see each other twice – sometimes sooner than you think: Two weeks after the 1-1 draw against FC Basel, the Champions League is already playing against Basel again in the relegation group.

FCL got off to a good start in the game. A few seconds later, it was former Basel player Laeven Winkler who shot straight in from distance after a poor pass from Marwin Hitz. But unfortunately the ball does not land in the empty goal. A little later, Pius Dorn was not so lucky either. What Lucerne residents have to offer is definitely worth seeing. The Champions League is also defensively tight, relies on high pressing at times, and from Basel's point of view, allows little.

After the first quarter-hour, a few set pieces for the hosts and a yellow card for Basel's Thierno Barry, the game finally became more balanced – with Bayern clearly in possession. But despite having some holes in the Champions League, Basel are still waiting for their first chance. Due to them being in short supply in the FCL after a quick start, the game stutters at times.

About 30 minutes later, Ardon Gashari finally gave teammate Jakub Kadak another chance on a silver platter – but the Slovakian came a little too late. By now it should be clear to one or two people in the stands why both teams are in the relegation group today and not with the top teams. We go into the break without any big goals or goals.

The start of the second half was even more exciting: a few seconds later, Lenny Mayer scored the first goal in the Premier League. Unfortunately, the tour only lasts a short time. In the 52nd minute the score was already 1:1, and then Basel acted more aggressively than before.

But Lucerne is also now showing great speed in its attacks, led by Levin Winkler, who is performing strongly. It is clear that the second half is attributed to the first. Adrian Grbic is organized twice in a row, but again cannot succeed. This is followed by the replacement of former Bayern player Kamal Adeyemi. Basel's squad also changed for the first time this afternoon, and shortly afterwards Max Mayer and Thibault Kledje were also allowed to play in the Champions League.

Luca Jaquez (left) against Bayern player Thierno Barry, top scorer in the match 1:1.

Luca Jaquez (left) against Bayern player Thierno Barry, top scorer in the match 1:1.

Photo: Georgios Kefalas/Keystone (Basel, 5 May 2024)

After several interruptions, Basel tried to attack again with a quarter of an hour remaining, but Gabriel Sigua sent his header straight into the hands of FCL goalkeeper Pascal Lauritz. He's had a fairly quiet afternoon so far. So far, Basel have had just four shots on target.

In the end, the game settles down, as it did in the first half. The people of Basel are given a lot of space, but they don't know how to use it. In the end, the two teams tied 1-1 for the third time this season.

Here's what the FCL coach says

“We were always able to create offensive scratches. “The team has rewarded itself hugely.”

“It's a very good point for us.”

Champions League coach Mario Frick draws with Basel 1-1

Source: Pilatus Today

FCL feedback

This is what Levin Winkler said after the FCL match.

Source: Pilatus Today

This is what Ardon Gashari said after the Champions League match.

Source: Pilatus Today

FCL scores

Maier with plenty of enthusiasm, Winkler shows probably his best performance yet: FCL scores against Basel at a glance


Basel – Lucerne 1:1 (0:0)
St. Jacob's Park. – 21,230 spectators. –
S.R. Dodek.
Portals: 46. ​​Lenny Meyer (CADAC) 0:1. 52. Barry (Schmid) 1:1.
Basil: heat; Barisic, Adjeti, Van Bremen; Rüegg (90th Gauto), Avdallahu, Xhaka (68th Sigua), Schmid; free; Barry, Cady (80. Kololi).
Lucerne: Loritz. Otiger (83. Ulrich), Jaquez, Lofgren, Lenny Mayer; Jashari; Winkler, Dorn; Cadac (73. Max Mayer); Villiger (Adeyemi 68), Grbic (Kledje 73).
comments: Basel are without Hunziker and Vega (both injured). Lucerne are without Pica, Beloko, Chader, Heglen, Cemani and Spadanuda (all injured). – Warnings: 15. Barry, 43. Abdullah, 54. Cady, 62. Dorn, 69. Gashari, 78. Winkler, 86. Roig (all fouls).

Results and table

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FC Luzern will continue its home match against GC next Friday (match starts at 8:30pm).