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40 years of SRF 3 – Patchi and Buck make radio – and this is what came out of it – SRF Radio 3

40 years of SRF 3 – Patchi and Buck make radio – and this is what came out of it – SRF Radio 3


When music professionals become radio novices: Paske and Stefan Buck von Hecht hosted a program on SRF 3.

Before it started, no one knew exactly how it would end. If Paske and Stefan Buck von Hecht were given carte blanche at the SRF 3 broadcast desk for three hours, anything could happen. Buck had his guitar, and Patchi had a free mouth. What everyone knows: This is going to be fun.

how did that happen

As part of SRF 3’s 40th birthday, Baschi and Stefan Buck were given the following task: one of them should conduct a show on SRF 3. The audience at the birthday show on SRF 1 had to decide who should be. But despite the thunderous applause for both, the solution was clear: music professionals should stand behind the microphone in pairs.

This is how Patchi and Buck fought

What Paske and Stefan Back admitted: Making a radio is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. “It has so many buttons I don’t know which button to press next,” says Stefan Back. And Patchi also has to admit: “We made the radio for three hours and we still couldn’t do it. But we did it with great enthusiasm.”

“I hope the show remains relevant for young people. My son is listening too” or “This is the best presenter duet” – these reactions from the audience probably showed: Maybe the two of them are not at home in the radio studio after all.

“Bring en hei” and “Charlotta” in the chorus

Baschi and Buck made the most of their free ticket to SRF 3. Once they appeared on air, they asked listeners to visit them in the radio studio. “Come to the SRF reception at 11 a.m. and we’ll sing together on the radio.”

And indeed: about thirty people spontaneously appeared on TVstrasse in Zurich on this gray Friday morning to sing their songs “Bring en hei” and “Charlotta” live with the musicians. “I can choose: write my bachelor’s thesis or go to SRF 3 studio,” says listener Katarina. For her, the issue was clear: the opportunity to experience musicians up close wouldn’t come along often.

It ended at 12 noon. Paske and Stefan Back have ditched their headphones once again. “We both always wanted to work in radio. It was a dream come true for us.”