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Outkast star on new tracks – flutes instead of rap: What happened to Andre 3000?  – culture

Outkast star on new tracks – flutes instead of rap: What happened to Andre 3000? – culture


Andre 3000, a member of the successful rap duo Outkast, releases his first album in 17 years. Expectations are high, but many hip-hop fans may be disappointed. Instead of rap, there’s feel-good music with obscure titles.

Even if you don’t know who André 3000 is, almost everyone will know the song “Hey Ya.” It represents the pinnacle of Outkast’s career.

Despite this commercial success, André 3000 and Big Boi have always managed to please even die-hard hip-hop fans with their incredible talent and cutting-edge lyrics. In 2007, Outkast came to an end and things became noticeably quieter around them.

What’s less known: Andre 3000, whose birth name is Andre Benjamin, is not only a rapper, but also a music producer, actor, and fashion designer. Therefore, it was expected that he would express himself in various artistic forms after the great success achieved by Outkast.

Andre 3000 has worked in the background on several projects, which is at least consistent with his desire to live an anonymous, private life.

He wanted to make a rap album. In reality …

Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that André 3000 was working on new music and that an album was about to be released – his first in 17 years! Fans around the world have been going wild – and now the time has truly come: on November 17, André 3000 released the single “New Blue Sun”.

But it’s not a rap album, as the album’s first title immediately suggests: “I swear, I really wanted to make a rap album but that’s the way the wind blew this time.” Therefore, it is expected that the new album will disappoint many.

Several years ago, Andre 3000 was seen playing the flute on the street and in parks. In a recent interview with men’s magazine GQ, he explained that this is not least an expression of a return to normalcy that did not exist at the time of the Outkast boom.

In addition, the sounds of the flute are exactly what he wants to share with people. As a 48-year-old, he simply doesn’t have rap themes. That’s why his new album focuses on different types of woodwind instruments.

Flute and keyboards dominate

Not only can André 3000’s voice not be heard once on “New Blue Sun,” there are also no driving beats or catchy music sequences. Instead, the soft sounds of flute, keyboard, guitar and percussion slide over each other and spread a meditative atmosphere perfect for health or yoga.

“New Blue Sun” is by no means traditional relaxation music! There are great tensions and reckless moments too, because the music is improvised by a five-piece band.

The word acrobatic is only in the track titles

André 3000’s talent with words can be seen to some extent in the poetic titles that the pieces carry. “Ants to you, gods to whom?” For example, it opens philosophical doors. Or “Dreams that were once buried under the dungeon floor are slowly sprouting in undying gardens” perhaps referring to the autobiography of Andrés’ former 3000 artist group Dungeon Family, where he had his wildest times with Outkast,

Now it looks like Andre has finished 3000.