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They will protest against the General Employment Program and the International Monetary Fund – Prinza Latina in Costa Rica

Protesters will march from Central Park in the capital at 5:00 pm (local time) toward the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, for the job stability of the public sector, for quality services, for our social status and for the quality of life of my family.

Daily rallies this week in front of the Legislature, today’s parade in San Jose and a national team on the 13th have been recognized by participants in a multifaceted meeting held at the International Convention Center of the National Association of Educators.

The meeting concluded with the approval of the National Front for the Defense of the Costa Rican Community, which includes trade unions, universities, farmers, health boards, public, municipal, community organizations and public groups. Student movement.

It seems to create a variety of measures to create awareness of public opinion on the agreements, to confront the new liberal agenda of the legislature, and to implement the plan of information, awareness and protest action.

Organizers announced that these measures seek to protect public services and social law in Costa Rica. Commenting on the meeting, Louis Savarria, Coordinator of the Costa Rica Union and Community Solidarity Committee, expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and participation of the departments and their desire to form this important national struggle front.

In September-October 2020, members of the National Rescue Movement led demonstrations across the country with roadblocks that forced the government to withdraw its first negotiation plan to obtain a $ 1.75 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund – according to its opponents – and I owe the country more.

But last December and after a multifaceted dialogue to resolve the socio-economic crisis, the government did not bring the deal to the International Monetary Fund, with President Carlos Alvarado announcing in an interview with a local newspaper that it would resume talks with the financial institution.

Since the first technical agreement with the International Monetary Fund last January to obtain the above loan, the legislature has been debating a number of bills related to those negotiations, including public employment, which have been rejected by labor, social, celebrity and student groups.

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