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Venezuela’s foreign minister cites UN experts’ report on siege

Caracas – Venezuela’s Foreign Minister George Aresa today issued a statement by UN human rights experts against the United States for imposing sanctions on the country.

On his account on the social networking site on Twitter, the Foreign Minister said that the UN. Officials shared the statements of Alena Duhan and Obiora Okafor, who stressed that Washington’s urgent declarations recognizing unilateral sanctions could lead to serious human rights abuses.

The report emphasizes that the emergencies declared by the White House will last for decades and that “they seem like an excuse to impose sanctions indefinitely, rather than actual emergencies.”

Experts urged the US government to fully and fully comply with its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to avoid the negative impact of individuals subject to the sanctions approved in emergency declarations.

Meanwhile, the day before, US President Joe Biden had extended the 2015 executive decree by one year, declaring Venezuela an “extraordinary and extraordinary threat” to the country’s security.

With this decision, the United States is intensifying its coercive and unilateral action against this South American country, preventing the purchase of medical supplies and food, and halting the fight against the Govt-19 epidemic.