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There is a legal problem looming: shoe manufacturer On is now also facing a Swiss issue

There is a legal problem looming: shoe manufacturer On is now also facing a Swiss issue

If shoes from the Swiss company On are sold in Switzerland, the manufacturer must refrain from displaying the Swiss cross on the product.


Although they are produced in Asia, the sneakers carry the Swiss flag – at least when they are sold across the border. Since Swiss law also applies abroad, there is a risk of problems.

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  • The Zurich shoe company On produces its shoes in Asia.
  • However, there is a Swiss flag on models sold abroad.
  • This contradicts Swiss rules, which is why there is now a risk of legal problems.

Zurich Shoe Label is currently running. A few days ago there was talk of high profit margins with low buying prices, but now the Swiss pair is causing trouble.

Moment! Swiss cross? You don't find that on shoes at all.

Yes and no. If the shoes were sold in Switzerland, On would have to do without the Swiss flag for years. However, it is engraved on shoes sold abroad. Although the shoes are entirely produced in Asia.

Swiss rules apply worldwide

To keep up with it, swipe Swiss law enforcementnot them Swiss rules. The association, funded by the federal government, aims to ensure that information about Swiss origin is not misused abroad. like “look” mentionedThe Swiss enforcement agency is now threatening to take legal action against On.

“In November 2022, Aon’s lawyers informed us that Swiss rules must be adhered to worldwide,” managing director David Starkel was quoted as saying. According to Swiss law, the fact that Aon developed shoes in this country is not enough to “allow him to advertise with the Swiss Cross.”

Legal escalation regarding Swiss is imminent

Starkel said Aon was asked to remove the Swiss flag from all products. The same applies to shoes sold abroad.

At On, they don't seem willing to comply with the request at the moment: “At On, we are proud of our Swiss roots,” the company told Blick. “At the Labs headquarters in Zurich, where more than 900 employees work, research and development is carried out,” the company told Blick. And product design for On.” “By referring to ‘Swiss engineering’ we indicate that our products contain Swiss innovation and technology.”

But the Swiss enforcement agency does not want to leave the matter alone, says David Starkel, and reserves the right to take legal action. “Especially in Germany, a court could rule the use of the Swiss cross as unfair.”

Although they want to avoid legal escalation, “if we do nothing, we will make ourselves untrustworthy if we slap the fingers of foreign companies for doing the same thing.”