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The winner of the Japanese Literary Prize is recognized using ChatGPT

The winner of the Japanese Literary Prize is recognized using ChatGPT

In Japan, the winner of a prestigious literary award admitted that about “five percent” of her book was written using ChatGPT. When writing the futuristic novel, I “actively” used artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT, as 33-year-old author Rei Kudan said at the awards ceremony on Wednesday:

“I would say about five percent of the book consists of sentences generated by artificial intelligence.”

Ray Codan.Image:

Rie Kudan's novel “Tokyo-to Dojo-to” (English: “Tokyo Tower of Sympathy”) won the Akutagawa Prize on Wednesday. The book is set in the future and revolves around a high-rise prison building in Tokyo and its architect. Artificial intelligence is an important topic in the book. One judge praised it as “almost flawless” and highly entertaining.

Kudan said she often experiments with ChatGPT, and not just when writing. She confides in the show her deepest thoughts, which she “can't talk about with anyone else.” Some of ChatGPT's answers inspired the dialogues in her book.

ChatGPT is a chatbot from the American company OpenAI based on advanced artificial intelligence technology that can generate very complex texts in seconds. Suddenly, ChatGPT made a large audience aware of the possibilities of so-called generative AI, but also of its almost unexpected implications.


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