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“The farmer is looking for a wife” – Nicole admits: “I really regret it”

“The farmer is looking for a wife” – Nicole admits: “I really regret it”

No one has ever had as many applicants as Farmer Nicol. Men ran to her door and she was spoiled for choice. Finally, she chose Flo. When they met again, she admitted: “I made the wrong decision.” She's grieving for someone else. Will the most popular 'Farmer Seeking Wife' candidate ever get a second chance at love?

250 men competed to win the favor of beautiful horse farmer Nicole at Farm Week. The fact that the hot-blooded Styrian woman did not skimp on the magic in the young farmers' calendar helped attract hordes of people. The 23-year-old invited seven men to her home, and they quickly took her by surprise. “It was exhausting.”“, she says when she meets her entourage again in Hochkönig in the winter. 'Meet seven men' in a few days. She gives Flo her favor and everyone leaves.

When the seven men reunite at the hotel weeks later, the No Sorry candidates press the 27-year-old about what happened next. “We broke up so much that we said we would meet again and keep in touch,” he says, describing the unhappy ending. But then “more discussion” followed. He and Nessie decided to remain friends “and nothing more.”

Nessie: “I made the wrong decision”

When she meets Arabella and her children again, Nicole opens her heart: “I'll say it frankly and frankly now: Yes, I made the wrong decision. I regret it very much.” Nessie is still grieving for one of the men she sent home. Her heart is with Stefan.

When she says that, the sun shines on the 30-year-old's face. Because when he had to leave the farm at the last minute, he was deeply affected.

“Stefan, will you give me a second chance?”

Arabella gets to this point: “What are you actually waiting for?' asks the farmer's wife. At first the 23-year-old was moved, but eventually she mustered up the courage and asked: “Stefan, will you give me a second chance?”

Flo gives his blessing

Flo, sitting next to Nessie, looks like the milk has gone sour, but he talks about everything with Nicole. “As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with that“I'm on good terms with Nessie, I can guarantee you that.”

The ball is now in Stefan's court. But he is hesitant. He tried to maintain contact after being kicked out, but Nessie didn't react much.“I felt backwards.”He says to Nessie's face.

Stefan is impressed

“Do you still have feelings?“, the fooling around has finally become too much for Arabella. “This does not leave me indifferent,” admits one of the courtiers. He then confesses to the ATV camera team that he was impressed by Nici opening her heart in front of everyone.

It looks good…

So there is no final promise. But later, when all the farmers at the hotel are celebrating and dancing in the bar, there is a couple in the middle who offers hope. Because Nessie asked Stefan. He holds her tightly in his arms on the dance floor.

During the “Farmer Seeks Woman” farm weeks, some farmers found love. Now we will see you again in the event episodes. Who is on cloud nine, who still has unfinished business? Starting from January 3, 2024 every Wednesday on ATV and the new episode also from January 3. Stream seven days in advance Gwen. Also on Gwen: All seasons can be accessed for free at any time.

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