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Apple shows off the new iPad Pro and iPad Air

Apple shows off the new iPad Pro and iPad Air

Apple hasn't introduced any new iPads in more than a year and a half. The last iPad was the iPad 10 from fall 2022. But now the wait is over. On Tuesday afternoon, Apple Four new iPad models foot.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called it the biggest day for the iPad since it was announced in 2010. He may have exaggerated it a bit, but it's still a big day for the iPad.

The most exciting model is the new model iPad Pro. As usual, Apple's most expensive and powerful tablet is available in two sizes. 11 inches (from 1049 francs) And 13 inches (from 1,349 francs). So far Apple has called it 12.9 inches. But the number 13 seems better and we have to measure in the test whether it is a little bigger.

Surprisingly, Apple didn't mention the new screen or processor first, but rather the iPad Pro again Thinner had become. Apple is particularly proud of this.

The 13-inch model is 5.1mm thick, something Apple is particularly proud of.

On the technical side, it stands out New OLED screen Outside. This technology has long been used in competing smartphones, expensive TVs and tablets. Now Apple is following suit and wants to one-up the competition with new technology.

But there's a new, more exciting option than the familiar screen technology: If you want, you can also get the new iPad Pro with a matte screen.

«Ultra Retina XDR.

The second innovation is surprising: the iPad Pro has got it New M4 processor. So far, Apple has introduced new M processors in new Mac models. The fourth generation is now the iPad and Mac fans will have to wait a little longer until they get Apple's latest processor in their laptops and desktops.

The new M4 processor is said to be particularly good, especially in the field of artificial intelligence that is currently very popular, thanks to its special processor cores. A harbinger of Apple's AI strategy, which is scheduled to be introduced in about a month.

Another change that will likely please many users in everyday life: webcam Now he finally comes to the long edge. Anyone who has used iPads for online sessions in recent years knows how annoying it can be to put a camera in the wrong place.

There's also the new iPad Pro New accessories. New keyboard case (299 francs) turns your iPad Pro into a laptop. At first glance, the case looks sturdier and sleeker than the previous model, which looked a bit greasy and worn after a few years of use.

The newly designed Magic Keyboard is also thinner.

Then there's also a new pen. The Apple Pencil Pro (129 francs) can use haptic feedback to give the impression of writing on a surface other than a computer screen. There are also new playback functions. You can tap and rotate the pen to activate new pens or erasers.

In addition to the iPad Pro, Apple also has a new device iPad Air foot. The middle model in the iPad range was known in the past as a recycled version of the previous iPad Pro. The new iPad Air won't be able to shake that reputation.

It brings back many of the features of the last generation iPad Pro from 2022. Above all, the M2 processor. There are two innovations that make the new Air more exciting than previous Air models. First, there's the second screen size. Now there's air in 11 inches (from 629 francs) And 13 inches (from 829 francs).

The Air is now also available in 11- and 13-inch sizes.

If you just want a large iPad and not a Pro, you'll be happy with it. The second innovation concerns Storage sizes. There's also now an iPad Air with up to 1TB of storage (plus 500 francs). In the past, anyone who used an iPad and needed a lot of space always had to use the Pro. This is no longer the case. This makes the air significantly more attractive to more people.

Overall, there are many commendable improvements to the iPad lineup. But May 7, 2024 will not be able to remain the biggest day in the history of the iPad since its announcement. That title still belongs to the announcement of the iPad Pro in 2018. The design continues from then to the present day. The new, thinner iPad Pro also builds on this.

After all, the software is always more exciting than the hardware in the iPad — and we won't see the new software for the iPad until a month from now at Apple's Developers Conference.