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He and Kate are going through “hell.”

He and Kate are going through “hell.”

Prince William and Princess Kate have had a difficult time for weeks. Now a close person is talking about the special phase of her life.

Prince William and his wife Kate. -Environmental Protection Agency

The basics in a nutshell

  • Princess Kate has cancer.
  • Prince William has to manage a balancing act both privately and professionally.
  • Now someone close is talking away.

What are the royal vibes like behind the thick palace walls?

One thing is certain: news that Princess Kate, 42, has cancer has sparked panic around the world. Now a close friend of the future British Queen is offering an insight into the royal couple's well-being.

On March 22, Kate shared her diagnosis with the world in a touching video message. The mother of three promised to do everything in her power to get well again as soon as possible.

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Kensington Palace – Princess Kate talks about her cancer diagnosis.

Her husband, Prince William (41 years old), is always by her side during this difficult stage. He recently gave a quick health update to a passerby.

The future heir to the throne stressed this: “Everyone is fine, thank you. Yes, we are fine.” But a close relative sees the situation differently.

A person close to Prince William and Kate speaks

Amaia Arrieta is not only a good friend of the couple, but she's also a designer. She frequently sews clothes for Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (9) and Prince Louis (6).

In a recent interview, she spoke candidly about her concerns about the health of Prince William and Princess Kate.

“You're going through hell”

In an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph, Arrieta expressed her concern for the couple. She thinks Prince William and Princess Kate are going through a very difficult time right now.

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X / @tokkianami – Prince William and Prince George are treating themselves to a bit of normalcy with football again.

Kate's cancer diagnosis in particular dramatically changed the family's lives. She was born shortly after King Charles III was diagnosed with the disease. (75) Announce.

“My heart is broken. I think they're going through hell and I hope they come back. It's a really personal matter,” Arrieta said.

Despite this bleak assessment, Princess Kate is a fighter. She confirmed in her video message:

“I'm in good shape and getting stronger every day. By focusing on things that help me heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Princess Kate's surgery was performed by experts

It was announced just last week that the English royal family were leaving nothing to chance when it came to undergoing abdominal surgery at the start of the year. This was reported by the Italian magazine “Ginti”.

According to the magazine, William's wife underwent surgery at the hands of an Italian team at a London clinic. “The procedure was carried out by a team of Italian doctors from the Gemelli Clinic in Rome,” the newspaper says.

Doctors from Italy's Agostino Gemelli University Policlinico are said to have performed surgery on Princess Kate. – Instagram/policlinicogemelli

Hospital Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli is the hospital where Pope Francis (87 years old) underwent intestinal surgery. The clinic is one of the best hospitals in Italy.

Rooms known as the “Popes' Apartment” are also located on the 10th floor. It is available for the Pope's residence should the worst happen.