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The US has taken action against the cell phone maker Huawei

The US has taken action against the cell phone maker Huawei

Is Huawei Spying on US Citizens? The US government is afraid of this. Now it is stopping supply to the Chinese company.

The US government has revoked some export licenses granted to Huawei. The move, announced by the Commerce Ministry on Tuesday, affects companies that supply chips to Chinese cell phone and laptop manufacturers. According to an insider, some of them were told on the same day that the cancellation would take effect immediately. US news agency Bloomberg reported that Intel and Qualcomm, the two semiconductor giants that supply Huawei, are also affected.

At first there was no statement from Huawei. In 2019, the United States placed the company on its list of countries subject to trade restrictions. This is due to fears that the agency may engage in espionage against US citizens. Huawei has denied the allegations.

Intel Chip Powers Huawei AI Laptop

The US is also trying to make it harder for China to access high technology in general. However, last month Huawei launched its first artificial intelligence (AI) laptop powered by an Intel processor.

Republican members of Congress reacted with anger and suspicion that the Commerce Department had given Intel permission. An Intel spokeswoman declined to comment.