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The support is still there.

The support is still there.

( – Gunther Steiner is convinced his Haas team has not lost any sympathy since the end of the 2018 season, despite the sporting decline. “The support is still there,” says the 56-year-old, who has become a Formula 1 favorite thanks to the Netflix documentary “Drive to Survive” that could garner popularity from his team.

Team leader Gunther Steiner and owner Gene Haas in the pits


Haas entered Formula 1 as a new team in 2016 and achieved it 2018 with 93 points and fifth place in the constructors’ championship initial peak. Getting there again is Steiner’s stated goal.

But in terms of sport, things have gone very poorly for the US racing team in 2020, which is why the 2021 season with rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Maspin was written off from the start and set to be a year of learning and transition in terms of the 2022 reform regulations.

In 2020, Haas has slipped to the penultimate position by just three points, at least ahead of Williams. Haas is currently the last in the World Cup with zero points. Alfa Romeo in ninth place has already collected seven points, and Williams is in eighth place up to 23.

But Steiner is convinced: “People understand our situation and are still behind us.” He stresses that the weather is “very good” – and sees attendance at the local race in Austin last weekend as proof of his claim.

“It was good to see that we had quite a few guests in our hospitality area. The patrons all had a great time. Of course, those results are not what they want. But you can’t let a tough year drag you down.”

“All of the events we hold at Haas have been sold out,” Steiner confirms. “It confirms that people still love us more than it might seem.”