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Marco Odermatt is happy to have Marcel Hirscher back

Marco Odermatt is happy to have Marcel Hirscher back

Marco Odermatt is happy to have Hirscher back. However, he could only lose in this duel.Image: Cornerstone

Marco Odermatt will have a new old rival next season: Marcel Hirscher, one of the best skaters in history. Now Odermatt has commented on the Austrian's return.

Over the past three winters, due to Marco Odermatt's overwhelming dominance in the Ski World Cup, people have often thought and debated whether the man from Nidwalden could have been so successful in Marcel Hirscher's time.

Or the opposite: whether Hirscher would have been able to achieve his eight World Cup victories in a row if he had to share the World Cup stage with Odermatt in his time.

There won't be answers to these questions next season either. The signs have changed very clearly. But the idea of ​​a duel between Hirscher and Odermatt is still fascinating – even for the Swiss ski star himself, he told the newspaper. Scenery He says:

“I think it's really great to have Hirscher back. This is great for the international reputation of skating, especially since Marcel will be skating in the Netherlands in the future.

But Odermatt also knows that the entire ski world will be watching the duel between him and his predecessor for the role of World Cup boss with the utmost interest – and that the greatest pressure is on him. He says:

“In fact, I can only lose in this duel.”

Because: In recent years, the question of who is the better racing driver between the two has been asked countless times. The three-time World Cup winner realizes:

“If I was slower at the best stage of my career than Marcel, who came out of retirement, then the answer to this question would definitely not be in my favour.”

The reunion of the exceptional athletes in the giant slalom is eagerly awaited. Hirscher was No. 1 there for years during his (first) active spell, but even the Austrian icon couldn't match Odermatt's dominance over the past two winters. Whether Hirscher, now 35, will be able to reach his highest level again is as unclear as the answer to the question of whether he will be able to outperform Odermatt at the top level.

For the man from Nidwalden, Hirscher is clearly a force to be reckoned with. He eventually continued coaching post-professional and completed numerous tours in order to develop his own brand of skiing, Van Deer.

“In recent years, Marcel has completed countless tests and training comparisons with Henrik Kristoffersen with the Van Deer ski he developed. “He probably received more helpful coaching feedback than I did because, unlike me, he didn't have any pressures related to competition.”

By the way, we compared Hirscher and Odermatt's career in detail. Here you can find an overview:

It remains to be seen whether Hirscher can actually compete with Odermatt. Firstly, the Austrian, who will compete for the Netherlands, his mother's home country, will have to make his way with high starting numbers. Nor should we forget that Odermatt had already beaten Hirscher in the giant slalom at the end of his playing days.

No matter how the duels go: the excitement and anticipation are already immense. Hirscher's biggest occasional rival, German Felix Neureuther, told Blake: “Skiing fans will now be able to enjoy the duel between the exceptional athletes Marco Odermatt and Marcel Hirscher. I can't wait for this duel.”

Maybe that's what all skateboarding enthusiasts feel right now.


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