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Lucerne got a point in Lausanne

Lucerne got a point in Lausanne

Lausanne – Lucerne 1: 1

Super League Credit Suisse, 12. Round, season 21/22


After a disappointing first half, FC Lucerne found its way to the match better in a vaulted duel against Lausanne and thanks to Ugrenich for the equaliser. Lausanne remained at the bottom of the Premier League after the 1-1 draw.

Lausanne Sport – Lucerne 1: 1

4664 Zuschauer. – S. R. Cibelli. – Tor: 13. Kokorozovic (Hezek) 1: 0.75. Ugrinic (Emini) 1: 1.

Lausanne Sport: Castilla. Shafiq, Gribo, Montero (80. Nanizayamo), Husic; Mahou (80. Sanches), Kukuruzovic, Thomas (65. N’Guessan), Coyle; Ouattara (70. Quialybo), Amdouni (80. George).

Lucerne: Vasic. Schulz, Porsche, Badstuber, Seidler; Emini (Schorpf 83), Gentner (Tsar 63), Wehrmann (Greater 83); Campo (63 alonga); Ndiaye (63rd Sorgic), Ugrinic.

Comments: Lausanne – Sport without Puertas (closed), Torx, Jessmann, Tsungwe, Cabo (all injured), Pars and Diao (both sick). Lucerne without Muller, Wending, Friedrich, Farkas, Kumic and Alabi (all injured). The 35th Ouattara shot. Warnings: 15. Al-Amdouni (unpleasant). 43 – Radwan 52. Amini (wrong). 78 Montero (False). 79 – Grabo (unsportsmanlike behaviour) 79. Alunga (unsportsmanlike behaviour).

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