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The Netflix series doesn’t skip an important location after all

The Netflix series doesn’t skip an important location after all

The ending of “One Piece” Season 1 may have surprised some fans. Anyone who was worried about skipping the Straw Hat station can now look forward to good news.

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Who Dares Wins: This tagline describes Netflix’s bold project to adapt the most successful manga of all time. The result was clearly impressive, with fans generally responding enthusiastically to the live-action adaptation, which is why a second season of the series “one piece” Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long to arrive.

What awaits the audience should be obvious to everyone who only knows the Netflix version: Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) and his Straw Hat gang are now heading to the infamous Grandline! Mold fans may have been upset by the end of “One Piece” season 1. The final scene at least announced the dangerous Marine Officer Smoker – but the final scene with Luffy’s crew seems to set back his first known appearance.

In it we finally see them state their personal goals and smash the barrel as a sign that they are now truly a sworn gang. One of the most famous scenes in the original, which takes place right in front of the entrance to the Grandline. In Eastblue, where their adventure began, there is actually another important stop: Lugo Town. This is where Luffy and his companions met Smoker for the first time. Given the end of Season 1, it remains unclear whether his first appearance will now take place on Grandline and whether the Loguetown series will be ignored on Netflix.

Fortunately, showrunner Matt Owens was able to clear up the confusion recently Question session on Reddit enlightenment. One fan wanted to know if they had skipped Logetown, and Owens replied:

Skipped? Never! It wasn’t included in the first season due to the reduced number of episodes. And trying to fit it in would have done a disservice to it or the story it had to share space with. Logetown has not been “cancelled”.We’re not there yet!

Our video tells you what awaits you in the upcoming episodes:

This is what awaits us in the second season of

This is why Loguetown is important to the plot of “One Piece.”

In fact, Netflix initially ordered ten episodes of “One Piece,” but that number was eventually reduced to eight (via Murphy’s multiverse). The reason for this is definitely the high costs, after the first season was said to have consumed a budget of US$138 million (via worldwide). With the success it has had, one can only hope that the second season will consist of at least ten episodes. Ultimately, those in charge there have a big story to cover, as you can find out in the video above.

– Warning: There are spoilers for the rest of the events of “One Piece”! –

First we go to Lugo Town, the last stop in East Blue. It is no coincidence that the city has a special attraction for Luffy. After all, his great role model Gold Roger, the Pirate King, was born and executed here. This fate also threatens Luffy himself, who has an unpleasant encounter with Buggy and Alvida. To make the chaos perfect, he also meets Smoker, a tough naval officer who at least has a good moral compass.

If the live-action version follows the originals, we can also look forward to a first look at Luffy’s father: Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army and currently the most wanted man in the world. And since Matt Owens knows the importance of Loguetown, it seems that the Netflix series One Piece wants to do justice to this chapter.

However, it is currently unclear when we will be able to enjoy the new episodes. Next year may come too early, so fans shouldn’t expect supplies until 2025. Our test will tell you whether you should watch Season 1 again until then to brush up on your “One Piece” knowledge:

“One Piece” test: Can you get at least 10/13 points?

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