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Australians walk barefoot everywhere – and receive criticism

Australians walk barefoot everywhere – and receive criticism

A video from Australia has taken the internet by storm. It shows people walking the streets, crossing parking lots and entering restaurants. This might not seem strange at first – if not all of these people were walking barefoot.

The posts were shared on X by a user called “CensoredMen”. They show both men and women walking without shoes. In one scene you even see a man walking his dog barefoot.

In his post, the user asked the question: “Is this normal in Australia?” Since the video was shared on May 14, it has already amassed 8.1 million views and received a lot of reactions.

Opinions about going barefoot vary: while many social media users point to the health benefits, others find the trend uncomfortable.


Do you like to run barefoot?

Yes, it makes you feel connected to the earth.


No, that would be disgusting to me.


One commenter wrote: “We don't have any broken glass or nails on the floor, it's a clean country.” However, another user says: “It's embarrassing.”

A third user pointed out that the photos were taken too close to the beach. “It's crazy to shoot 100 meters from the beach and see people walking barefoot. Yes, it's normal,” said the comment.