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GZSZ SPECIAL: Laura has a dark secret from John

GZSZ SPECIAL: Laura has a dark secret from John

In the special episode, John (Felix von Gacherov), Laura (Chrisanthi Cavazzi) and Emily (Anne Minden) are in Paris. Laura invites her husband to Paris, but John does not know that she already has a secret plan. She prepares to deliver a mysterious suitcase and the events that follow become a couple Facing adversity place.

After breaking up with Sasha, Emily goes through a difficult phase. Although she is on the verge of giving up, she eventually participates in a glamorous fashion show in Paris. The bag designer is celebrating great success there, but the joy is short-lived – because soon Her life is in danger.

“My character has been guarding a dark secret that John knows nothing about,” Chrysanthe Cavazzi reveals of the special. “This also takes her to Paris: so the trip is not only the culmination of her wedding, but Laura is following a plan she is in the capital of love – for herself, for John, and for their future together? to see!”

“Good Times, Bad Times” airs Monday-Friday at 7:40pm on RTL or online anytime. RTL+.