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New LEGO Ideas #35: The new review has begun!

New LEGO Ideas #35: The new review has begun!

The wonderful month of May has begun, ushering in summer. Ideas has also done some spring cleaning and announced a second review period in 2024. We'll introduce you to the top candidates in this article. Additionally, there is a rule change for young fans to take into account and we will of course take a look at the challenges.

From May to September 1 Ideas collects all the designs that received 10,000 votes from the community. Then, a panel of LEGO experts will draw and examine all the buildings for potential implementation. This process ends by declaring whether and what models will continue in the series of ideas. These were achieved in the first two weeks of the new review phase Two buildings Magic support level.

In addition, it is worth taking a look at a small detail for all young fans of ideas: the minimum age will soon be revised, which will lead to serious changes. Things weren't quite as dramatic in the challenges. There we can inform you of the GWP Challenge decision and updates on other events. I hope you have a good read.

New drafts with 10,000 votes

Automatic clutch

Lego Ideas Claw Machine (1)


a description:

If you've ever been to a theme park or fairground, you've probably been to one Clutch machines It has come before. The principle is very simple: after inserting the coin, the handle lever should be positioned so that you can get the prize. There are usually sweets or soft toys in the container. The first machine is said to have been the Crown 602 in 1965 (link to Later model 603) from the Japanese company Taito. The devices have become widespread in Germany since 1980. Due to the design of the machine In Germany as a game of chance Classify.

In designing his ideas, 2A2A shows us a colorful and functional robotic clutch. You can try your luck and search for one of the three minifigures or some brick trophies inside. According to the description, the holding function should be driven by a motor. You can also change the letters on the machine and the money slot also works. We can't evaluate whether this idea still has a realistic chance after the minifigure machine received production approval a few days ago. A little luck certainly doesn't hurt.

Wallace and Gromit

Lego Wallace Gromit Die Out Ideas (1)Lego Wallace Gromit Die Out Ideas (1)


a description:

Vaicko aka Tom Gerardin has given us a draft in the third review of 2020 Wallace and Gromit It is shown. At that time, we were able to admire Wallace and his loyal companions. This time Tom focuses on Nick Park's early British animated films. He developed the characters as a teenager in 1982 and “Wallace and Gromit” was originally intended to be his final thesis at the National Film and Television School. During this period, he signed with a production company and made the short film “Wallace and Gromit – All Cheese (“Big Day Out”) was finally released in 1989. A year later, the work celebrated its premiere on British television.

In the movie, Wallace and Gromit want to go on vacation. While they were still considering possible destinations, they ran out of cheese. Wallace then decides to travel to the moon and organize the cheese. Of course, a rocket must first be built for this purpose. The two successfully landed on the moon and had some adventures there. We have access to the moon for you Youtube to choose.

The concept design of course shows us the famous rocket and also includes the flight deck on which the two heroes guide the car through space. Additionally, a cheese mountain on the moon and a picnic scene are part of the setting. In addition to Wallace & Gromit, we can also recreate the Moon Loading Robot as a brick-built character.

Overview 2. Review phase 2024

Finally, we would like to show you the current general schedule for the second review 2024:

no. picture Draft Fan ideas days to 10000 intellectual property
1 Lego Ideas Claw Machine (1)Lego Ideas Claw Machine (1) Claw machine 2A2A 387 no
2 Lego Wallace Gromit Die Out Ideas (1)Lego Wallace Gromit Die Out Ideas (1) Wallace and Gromit – A Great Day Out Vaiko 283 Yes

Changing the rule of ideas: raising the minimum age

Ideas for change 06 02 2024Ideas for change 06 02 2024

At the beginning of May, Afkar informed the community about an upcoming change in the minimum age. since then June 3, 2024 The 13-year threshold has been raised 16 years Starch. The reason for the amendment is some changes in the law on the operation of social networks in some regions.

This measure will have serious consequences for young fans, as Ideas will close the affected accounts at the end of June 2. LEGO therefore recommends that all funds be insured, otherwise they will be forfeited.

Other fan creators will not be affected by the rule change because all votes cast will remain the same and will not be voided under this measure. At best, it might look a little weird in the comments section if you see “deleted comment” or “deleted user” there repeatedly.

LEGO has a little about this common questions Compiled, which is written in English.


Building the legend – these are the winners

Legend building challengeLegend building challenge

“I actually wanted to show you the winning designs in the challenge at this point.”Building a legend“A show in which fans were asked to build a design in honor of racing legend Ayrton Senna. The announcement was scheduled for May 14, but unfortunately it has been postponed indefinitely.

Delay LEGO Build Legend Ideas ChallengeDelay LEGO Build Legend Ideas Challenge

No reason for this shift was given, so we have room for speculation:
There may be several reasons for the delay: It is possible that the judging panel, made up of members from the LEGO Icons Team, McLaren Racing Limited and the Senna Foundation, had scheduling issues and the voting process was extended. Another assumption is that one of the winners did not respond to the email notification in a timely manner and a replacement must now be found and some paperwork still needs to be done.

Whatever the case, we will continue to monitor the challenge and hope to be able to tell you the winners in the next issue.

New GWP ideas announced

LEGO Challenge Build the GWP of your dreamsLEGO Challenge Build the GWP of your dreams

As part of the challenge, the community was able to “Build the purchase gift set of your dreams“Vote on the following ideas for GWP. The Ideas jury initially selected 15 models from over 700 entries, which eventually had to submit to a fan vote. The LEGO company announced yesterday via Blog post ideas Voting result.

This time we got an insight into the distribution of votes: a total of 5,059 votes were cast. There was a neck and neck race at the top. The first and second place finishes were only 51 votes apart. The winning design received 806 votes (15.9%), second place received 755 votes (14.9%), and third place received 646 votes (12.8%). Whatever the case, only one draft can be chosen as the next global action plan.

These are the winners of the challenge

first place Autumn snails from Jagamax

Your Dream Winning LEGO Ideas Contest Set (1)Your Dream Winning LEGO Ideas Contest Set (1)

A fan of ideas Jagamax studies design and comes from France. The small diorama consists of exactly 250 pieces and shows us a pleasant autumn scene. One snail crawls along a tree trunk, while the second one examines its surroundings in the foreground. If you look closely, you might see traces of mud…

2nd place Frieze booth from piso_brick89

Ideas competition, second placeIdeas competition, second place

piso_brick89 lives in Italy and pays a lot of attention to details in order to incorporate them into buildings. In the design we see a french fries kiosk designed from 241 parts and including a miniature. What is striking, of course, is the attractive roof structure, which also serves as an advertising medium.

the third place Crossing the mountain pass from Nick Wood5

Ideas competition, third placeIdeas competition, third place

Nick.wood5 managed to convince the community with the first draft. The 247-piece miniature landscape provides a contrast between human structures and rugged nature. As the railway bridge spans the valley, a container ship passes the river below, and on land a road runs along its bank. Small landscapes are just begging to be expanded.

Eighties challenge

First fan vote Eighties challenge I had to do this because of a mistake Restart Become. The new vote then passed quietly and ended on May 7. The ball is now back in LEGO's court, which will evaluate the vote and set the legal requirements – namely licensing agreements – for the next official Idea Set. We'll find out who wins the first fan vote June 14, 2024.

In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes open because due to so many good entries, LEGO has announced a second vote that will take place after the first one. However, a date for the new selection process has not yet been set, so we will continue to follow the Ideas Blog with interest. The winner of the second vote will be on September 1, 2024 It is announced.

All challenge dates

In order for you to keep an overview of the status of different competitions, we have created an overview for you. Both the main challenge page and the winners are linked.

Now it's your turn. How do you like the top candidates in the second review? Can you imagine the models getting confirmed? Did you like the winners of the two challenges? Do you like fan templates like GWP or are the designs too fun for you? Are you impatiently awaiting the results of the 80s Challenge or are you looking at regular projects? Feel free to write us your opinions in the comments.