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Loredana and Karim Adeem: Their first date was in a kebab shop

Loredana and Karim Adeem: Their first date was in a kebab shop

Rapper and football player

“It was all about the kebab” – Loredana on her first date with Karim

Rapper Loredana spoke in an interview about meeting footballer Karim Adeyemi and revealed: When she first met, all she had in mind was food.


Before love there were kebab: Loredana talks in an interview about having only one thing in her head in the beginning.


  • Loredana and Karim Adeyemi have been a couple for a few months.

  • Now the rapper is talking about getting to know the BVB star.

  • So they met in the middle of the night for a kebab dinner in Dortmund.

The Swiss Rapper Loredana (28 years old) and footballer Karim Adeyemi (21 years old) They have been dating for a few months and are clearly very happy. The two regularly share snaps of their cozy collaboration on social media. Now the Lucerne native with Kosovar roots has spoken about how she met the Borussia Dortmund star. She reveals that she wasn’t really impressed at first: “He wrote to me on Instagram and I didn’t respond,” Loredana told “Deutschrap Ideal.” “I thought I was better and he was so young.”

While staying in Düsseldorf there was a meeting. She called the hotel hungry that night and asked if there was anything else to eat. When she was told no, she decided to get a kebab because that was “possible in Düsseldorf” at 4am. Then Karim wrote to her and asked her what she was doing. “Nothing, I’m in Düsseldorf. “You from here?” Then I wrote again. He corrected her and said he was from Dortmund. “Shall we meet now?” Loredana said. After he said yes, she “hurried over” and was there in about 20 minutes.

Loredana: “It was all about the kebab for me”

He got into the car and wanted to know what the plan was. She just asked him not to worry because it wasn’t a date, and more importantly, she was hungry. They headed to the kebab shop together, where she then asked him to get two kebab pieces. “Karim, people know me, what should people think? “I’m here with a 21-year-old footballer and I’m going for a kebab,” she says with a laugh.

“He just said: ‘Calm down, talk and talk’ and I was very hungry. I didn’t think anything of it, it was just about the kebab.” When the hunger finally passed, she only noticed that she had a “good boy” sitting next to her and got along well with him.

Karim Adeyemi visited Loredana in Switzerland

It seems that luck is still on the couple’s side He is. In September, the two spent some time together in London, as photos on social media show. In one of the photos you can see the 21-year-old in front of Buckingham Palace. In another picture, he kisses Loredana on the forehead, so she relaxes and closes her eyes. Mirror images are also included in the post, which the rapper captioned with “lovelovelove.” This wasn’t the first trip the lovebirds took together. Loredana established her connection with the original audience in Munich with holiday photographs from Tuscany.

At the beginning of June, the couple attended the A-Juniors’ final match on the last day of the Regional Cup of the Central Swiss Football Association. Then many Albanian media outlets speculated that the two were together.
It was not initially known why the two were there to attend the cup at Erstfeld. Because the BVB star has no connections to SwitzerlandFans suspected that Loredana was the reason for his appearance. Her brother Florem Zevi is the A-Juniors coach for the OG Kickers.

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