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Switzerland celebrate their 4th win over Great Britain

Switzerland celebrate their 4th win over Great Britain

The Swiss celebrated their 4th World Cup win against Great Britain – but weren't entirely satisfied.Image: Keystone

The Swiss national ice hockey team remained unbeaten in their fourth World Cup game in Prague. Coach Patrick Fischer's team easily beat Great Britain 3-0.

May 15, 2024, 10:40 PMMay 15, 2024, 11:23 pm

Players have repeatedly emphasized that there are no more “small” teams at the World Cup. However, there was a clear class distinction between Switzerland and Great Britain, especially early on. After 20 minutes the shooting ratio was 14:2. In this regard, the most difficult thing for the favorite was to keep his concentration high, which he managed to some extent. However, the ice hockey team didn't do much after the first intermission except that the intensity of the game was low. Even on the power play, the Englishmen are invulnerable.

Nico Hisier gave Switzerland the lead in the 4th minute. After Roman Josi's tight-angled shot hit the crossbar, the New Jersey Devils center was in the right position in front of the goal and scored on a direct shot. Hisier once again showed his good nose in game situations and scored his fourth goal of the match.

“It's hard to stay mentally in the game with certain shots.”

Goalie Akira Schmidt after her first World Cup shutout

Two minutes earlier, Kevin Fiala had missed a penalty shot against British keeper Jackson Whistle. In the 14th minute, Dean Kukan made it 2-0 for Swiss champions ZSC Lions, who benefited from a whistle mistake by the defender. 3-0 (39th minute), Nino Niederreiter scored in the majority and it lasted. As in the 1-0 win, Josi had a hand in the Swiss' eighth power play goal this World Cup and now has eight score points (two goals). Fiala also had two assists against the British.

“The final performance was not there but the English did a good job of it. We are happy that we are nil behind and have managed to win all four games.

Coach Patrick Fischer

In the final third, the big question was whether Swiss goalie Akira Schmidt would celebrate a shutout from the start in her first World Cup match. And so it was. The 24-year-old from Emmental, part of the Devils' organization, had a quiet evening and only had to take 15 shots. He mastered some tricky situations brilliantly.

Switzerland's Tristan Schervey returns to the line-up after being slightly unwell, while Kayden Haas is missing for the third game in a row. Switzerland's next game is on Saturday. Then they face Denmark at 12:20 p.m.

“It's not a bad performance, it's three points in the end, but there are things we can do better. In fact what you're talking about is always the same, for example the disc losses.”

Tristan Shervey

“We had the right attitude from the start, moved forward and always played simple. It was a better start than other games. We are on a good way. We showed how we should play against the Czech Republic and we were perfect today, but we still need to improve.

Coach Patrick Fischer

Switzerland – Great Britain 3:0 (2:0, 1:0, 0:0)
Prague. 15,239 visitors. SR Ansons/Heikkinen (LAT/FIN), Hefner/Lundgren (GER/SWE).
Gates: 4. Hisier (Josie, Fiala) 1:0. 14. Kugan (Siegenthaler, Herzog) 2:0. 39. Niederreiter (Fiala, Josi/exclusion Dowd) 3:0.
Punishment: 5 times 2 minutes against Switzerland, 5 times 2 minutes against Great Britain.
Switzerland: Smith; Glaser, Josie; Kugan, Siegenthaler; Loeffel, Marty; young; Shervey, Durkoff, Gurashev; Bertsky, Hisier, Fiala; Andrighetto, hunter, low rider; Siemian, Senteler, Duke; Arrow.
England: the whistle; Phillips, O'Connor; Mosi, vol.; Halbert, Tedlow; Richardson, Rube; Curran, Berlini, Kirk; Dowd, Nielsen, Lake; Betteridge, Lachowicz, Norris; Duggan, Davies, Sutra.
Notes: Switzerland without Haas (injured), Fora, Berra (both spare) and Zenoni (replacement goalie). – 2. Fiala fails with whistle penalty. – Shots after the crossbar: 4. Josey, 11. Siemian, 29. Senteler. – Shots: Switzerland 30 (14-11-5); Great Britain 15 (2-9-4). – Powerplay yield: Switzerland 1/5; Great Britain 0/5.


HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already become Swiss hockey champions


HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already become Swiss hockey champions

HC Davos: 31 titles, 6 since 1986; Last champion: 2015.

Source: Keystone / Ennio Lensa

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