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The navigation system is currently completely wrong in Bad Neustadt and Heustreu

The navigation system is currently completely wrong in Bad Neustadt and Heustreu

Anyone currently traveling in and around Bad Neustadt and using Google Navigation might be surprised and surprised by the sometimes strange routes that Google Maps suggests. Instead of routes known to locals and commuters, the navigation app sometimes offers wide and wild bypasses. But why is this?

For example, if you recently wanted to drive from Heustreu towards Triamare in Bad Neustadt and wanted to use Google Maps for help, the following route was suggested: Instead of simply driving along Neustädter Straße (state route 2445) towards Bad Neustadt, cross the Affenberg. intersection and later turn at the BayWa intersection onto Meininger Straße, Google Maps suggests driving from Heustreu first to Wollbach, and from there via state route 2292 (Besengaustraße) to the BayWa intersection on the main street in Brendlorenzen, then via Stockgasse and Franz-Marschall-Straße back at Kaufland to Meininger Straße.

But why is this? “Google strives to keep Google Maps as up-to-date as possible and display the correct information to users,” says Google spokesperson Alexander Bressel when asked. He explains that if users continue to discover incorrect information on Google Maps, they can report it at any time directly within Google Maps using the feedback button. You do not have to be registered for this purpose.

Where does Google Maps get its data from?

Google can't say anything about the specific confusion surrounding the affected route between Heustreu and Bad Neustadt. “Please understand that Google cannot comment on individual cases,” Pressel says. A Google spokesperson explains that the data in Google Maps comes from a variety of sources.

This includes commercial data companies, publicly available sources, and, in some cases, partners such as local governments. In addition, local governments have the opportunity to transfer their data to Google Maps using a geodata upload tool.

Bressel said that the described case between Hesterio and Bad Neustadt is currently undergoing internal examination by Google. But this is not the only strange route that Google Maps suggests in Bad Neustadt. Google also suggests some strange detours from the Rhön-Klinikum campus to Brendlorenzen.

The cause of errors in Google Maps remains a Google secret. What is notable is that following this request by the editorial team, new and shorter alternative routes were added, or in some cases, the normal route options were suddenly offered again.

The most likely explanation for the diversions offer may be incorrect data about the closure of State Route 2286 near Houston due to the Valley Bridge renovation. Or the closures introduced too early around the renovation of the BayWa intersection and the Affenberg intersection in Bad Neustadt, which are scheduled to start from May. This will be supported, among other things, by the fact that unusual route suggestions around the BayWa interchange are only issued within the city, but not outside the city.