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The new WhatsApp update is in the beginning stage

The new WhatsApp update is in the beginning stage

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Android users can expect a great change in WhatsApp. With the update, a known problem with voice messages disappears.

Castle – voice messages in WhatsAppTelegram and Co. An integral part of many users' daily communications. After all, voice messages can be more direct than text messages and at the same time more distant than classic phone calls – and are therefore the preferred way for many users to communicate with friends, family or colleagues.

But anyone who uses the function frequently is likely aware of one or two issues. WhatsApp wants to improve communication through an update. Another step, because only last year WhatsApp introduced self-deleting voice messages.

WhatsApp brings voice transcription to Android

Anyone who regularly communicates via voice messages is likely familiar with the following scenario: While text messages are answered directly by the other person, responses to voice messages take longer to arrive. This can happen, for example, if the recipient is in a public place and does not have the peace and quiet necessary to listen to the voice message.

The WhatsApp update aims to make it easier for Android users to handle voice messages. © Karl Josef Hildenbrand/DPA

In the best case scenario, the person concerned is informed of this in a timely manner by their chat partner – however, the conversation can quickly stop elsewhere. Now it should WhatsApp However, we have developed a so-called copy function for the Android version of the messenger that can completely prevent this WABetaInfo mentioned. WhatsApp has also changed the look of the app recently.

WhatsApp Voice Transcription – The function converts voice messages into text

Concretely, this means: users can read what is said in the voice message because the new function translates the voice message into readable text. The feature appears in the Android beta update available on the Google Play Store. The function is already available in the iOS version.

Users who want to use the new functionality must install a 150MB update. In order to continue to rely on end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp uses native cell phone speech recognition for the voice transcription process and not messaging servers. However, it is still unclear when the feature will actually be activated in the app. but Some users will have to abandon the WhatsApp application if they do not agree to the new guidelines.