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Unreal Engine 5 and offline single player confirmed

Unreal Engine 5 and offline single player confirmed

As announced, Terminator Survivors will enter Early Access on Steam on October 24, 2024. The console version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be released at a later date. Following the success of Robocop, the next installment of the film should get a successful modern video game adaptation. In a blog post on Steam, Nacon now offers more thoughts on the survival title.

Terminator Survivors has a classic single-player campaign

the engine: finisher

the story: The story takes place in 2009 (in the Doomsday timeline), shortly after Skynet destroyed Earth. Only a few people survived the disaster and now live in small communities often characterized by conflict. In addition to other people, players also have to defend themselves against machines. However, there is only one Terminator, the T-800, which cannot be turned off and follows the player throughout the entire campaign. Mr. X, Nemesis, and Alien send their regards.

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