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Developer Snapshots: Programmer news in a sentence or two

Developer Snapshots: Programmer news in a sentence or two

Here's a completely subjective selection of smaller news stories from the past few days:


  • A stand-alone GUI hotspot, which provides an interface for analyzing performance data, contains Version 1.5.0 receipt. The development team positions the program as an alternative perf reportTo analyze performance on Linux systems. The team cites the most important innovation in this release as the improved disassembly view, which can provide faster speed as well as better search and highlighting.
  • The Apache Arrow big data framework has now been released In version 16.0.0 published. One notable feature included by the developers is that support for Azure Blob Storage has now been added. Furthermore, Arrow C++ can now be built using Emscripten, which created the foundation for running Arrow C++ in Wasm runtimes and perhaps also PyArrow.
  • Qt suite has availability Version 3.2.0 Announcing Qt Visual Studio Tools. In addition to experimental support for the QML LSP Server, this update to the Visual Studio Tools extension now also provides full support for Visual Studio 2022 Tools on the ARM64 platform.
  • The WildFly community has Final version 32 of the application server consent. The Wildfly preview release, in which the development team incorporates future technical innovations, is also available in version 32.0.0. The program contains a number of innovations and improvements, including SSLContext support for outgoing requests. In addition, WildFly savings tools have also been developed to further support the concept of job stability.
  • the The Rust project will be present at Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 Involved. Last February, I published a list of project ideas and began discussing them with potential applicants. Now the Rust team will present 9 of the 65 as concrete suggestions to Google. Google has it Summer of code It was launched to bring together open source projects with contributors.
  • Provides an AI coding assistant In version 0.31.0 the interface is in the browser in. Unlike other assistants, Assistant tries to integrate the entire repository project into the context of artificial intelligence.
  • Version 22.1.0 of Node.js does local caching On the hard disk for JavaScript modules. Uses Chrome V8 icon cache. Modules start slower when first loaded, but start faster if the content remains unchanged. Improved loading in testing test/fixtures/snapshot/typescript.js From about 130 to 80 milliseconds.
  • Uno Platform development platform Version 5.2 now combines nine target platforms In .NET project: iOS, Android, Windows App SDK, Mac Catalyst, WebAssembly, Skia/Windows, Skia/Linux/X11, Skia/Linux/Framebuffer, Skia/macOS. According to the team, this release is “our biggest release yet.”
  • Jet 2.45 It has been released with some new features. The version management software now offers experimental support for the new “reftable” storage backend and SHA-256 interoperability. A repository can be created with the new backend via --ref-format=reftable Initialization.

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