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NC-17 CONNECT 3D with one click to test

NC-17 CONNECT 3D with one click to test

NC-17 CONNECT 3D ONE CLICK IN TEST: As a German craftsman, NC-17 has been producing high quality bicycle parts for over 30 years. With your CONNECT series, you try to improve the optimal and safe carrying of smartphones on your bike.

The one-click 3D mount mount is specially developed for riding and touring on asphalt and light roads. The emphasis is on light weight and simple operating concept. Before purchasing, you should consider one of the three mounting options, because the mount is available in two different versions for the handlebar and also for the windshield. In our testing we looked at the classic handlebar assembly.

The smartphone was repaired quickly

Installing the stand is simple and does not require any tools. In the first step, the stand is attached to one of the three included soft pads. The adapter is then screwed into the ball socket. In order for the smartphone to fit into the holder, the adapter must be adjusted to the appropriate size. Adjustment is possible using the rotation mechanism on the side. This is a bit fiddly to use, but in the end it works well. Finally, the smartphone can be inserted and fixed using the quick release system. Basically, smartphones including cases up to 15mm thick can be inserted into the holder.

NC-17 connection

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Good and cheap, but they also contain a lot of plastic

In our hands-on testing, we liked the one-click 3D stabilization in terms of handling. No built-in smartphone adapter is required, and it can still be connected to the bike quickly and easily. The design also does not restrict screen width or button operation. The stand can be easily aligned by loosening the mounting screw and rotating it 360 degrees. On our ride, the mountain held up well even on forest trails with minor bumps. At no time did we have any doubt that our devices were not repaired securely. There are drawbacks on the visual side, because you actually have a lot of plastic installed on the handlebars.